The Mushroom Kingdom
Like A Boss

Its-a me! Mario!

For anybody who's curious, I took a big hiatus and pretty much quit playing EM, but now I'm back. A lot of people I used to consistently play with are now the highest score totals, it's really weird seeing that...

Mario is the main character of Nintendo, of course! Check out my friends list for some more of the Nintendo guys (mostly alts, sadly...)

OHAI THERE. Post on my wall thingy, cool cats. I'll respond back.

I totally realize how bad my win percentage is. lolol

By the way, because of the unused Yoshi alts, Grindernerd is the official Yoshi of epicmafia. Mkay?

And never say "_____ is obvious fake" or "_______ is obvious mafia" because obvious TO YOU is not obvious to EVERYBODY. For example, if you're real tracker and somebody ccs you, it's obvious to you who the fake is, but that doesnt mean everybody else knows, so dont just whine by saying "____ is obvious fake"

I guess I'm pretty popular. (Screenshot taken by SoppyDuck. Given to me AFTER I died, of course)

I encourage you to try and disguise me. I've only had 2 people successfully do it:

spindrift and theeraser

RoseOnPlayer: I don't trust mario

RoseOnPlayer: he is so pro

Hit 10K March 13 (Friday the 13th...) at 6:00 PM

1st friend - quaffle (on my other account)

100th friend - March 29, 2009, carddog12

500th win - Thursday, August 6, 2010 (500-572 record)

600th win - Friday, August 12th, 2011 (600-669)

Awkward 700th loss - 9/1/11 (638-700)

Hit 30000 career 4/1 <3


Town: 435/860 (51%)

Mafia: 168/366 (46%)

3rd Party: 26/73 (36%, stupid killer...)

These are outdated and I don't really want to update them. But this is roughly what my stats are at...