in love with numb

I've never been too good at talking about myself but here it goes. I'm shy, awkward, and quiet but I'm loyal and kind. I tend to think before I speak but if you get me talking about a topic I know/care a lot about you may have a hard time getting me to shut up haha. I'm a gamer. Board games, video games, puzzles of all sorts. I love figuring out how games of all types work. I'm working with a friend to start up a youtube channel to talk about, review, and banter about games. I like to travel and amusement parks are a love of mine. I enjoy books, movies, TV shows of all types but tend to lean towards "nerdy" media more than any other. Musically I'm pretty diverse and like most music short of rap and country. Favorite bands include NoFX, Dream Theater, and Jonathan Coulton.