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Riddle updated June 14, 2017. Next riddle: ???

There has been a murder at the Shakespeare Hotel in London. In the hotel room no. 19, a man was found dead on the floor, the scene around the room quite bloody and gruesome. On the man’s newly pressed white dress shirt, the message “JC-A3S1L84” was scrawled in blood across his chest.

Quite disturbingly, the blood around the body has been painted in such a way that it resembles the wings of a phoenix. This extra step almost makes it seem as though the killer is leaving a purposeful message.

L has gathered the following most likely suspects:

  • The man’s traveling companion, Sherod Wovlupe

  • The hotel lobby secretary, Marian Aszpyti

  • The first floor’s main busboy, Archie Cubravk

Who murdered the man in room no. 19?

I’d love to hear your full reasoning for your answer, because there are a few ways to infer the correct answer, but there is only one way to truly solve it without question.

People who have guessed correctly: Germ, Sammyyy

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