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OK if there's anything useful that I learned from this website it's that you never know when's the last time you have a chance for something. This might be it. Prolly not but still.

To make this short I enjoyed playing mafia on this website, I enjoyed getting engaged in games with lots of lovely people, girls and guys. But as the time went by and I spent more time here, I saw the true colors that this site has been hiding under its colorful designs. This color can only be described as dark. Dark as a color. If you get to know what's going on all around on EM; while you think people are only here to play games and have fun then you are mistaken sir. Long story short some people here will do anything to make their friends (specially the gals) laugh so they become more popular in their group of cool guys T-shirt wearing club. Trophies help too but not as much as mocking others. Bullying someone cause their avi is new or their name doesn't make sense to them and this goes on... CIRCLEJERKING in one word. A group of pathetic little people who enjoy gathering around and playing mafia winning points and trophies. To be fair some of them aren't that evil but they sure are moody as shiat since they lack real life relationships. Don't get me wrong somedays I spent too much time here too but I was never like what I just described, I'm sure.

On the bright side and yes there IS a bright side, I met tens of nice people and I became EM-friends with them and I learned how to actually care and love some of them here. Meeting them every day was like seeing your neighbours in the morning. "What's up dude?" "Not much man, still trying to win that trophy but I got exams tomorrow haha" "You should be studying for your exam lol, I'll try carrying you this weekend". This was nice. I mean lots of jerk faces who are friends with your good-friends but well not much I can do about them right?

If I left this website for good, my friends, thanks for being there for me. I would like to name all the people that I played games with in the last 2 years or whatever... Man it is almost exactly 2 years WOW! Since the first account that I made and I abandoned that I don't remember the name of... Some of you left this before I did and that would be such a long time ago that I wouldn't be able to remember your names so it wouldn't be fair If I wanted to name the best of you.

But if I had to choose only one person who I liked the most here,... hmm, I don't know if it should be someone who I've known since the first few days that I joined EM or someone who I recently met and realized how awesome they are or maybe someone who I met in the middle and kept contact with although they left a year ago... I don't know, I could name just one person but I won't. People like mystery. Do you think you are that person? (: God bless you all


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