Kappafox is my bae. Redhead Master Race
married to kappafox

So, you find yourself here at my page. Congratulations to you. :)

So I guess we'll get a few things out of the way here. Firstly, I do NOT like, nor have I ever liked the Twilight movies. My user name has nothing to do with that. The reason behind my name is a story for another time ... if I want you to get to know me that is. I'm from NJ, I love cats, (and dogs) and I have both!I love writing and I have a great sense of humor, which is probably why you'd find me playing CAH or acrotopia more often than you'd see me playing actual mafia lol. Come say hi, if you want. I'm usually in Games lobby with my bae kappafox and a small circle of crazy characters who we all have a lot of fun with!

I love cheetahs! This is one I drew :)

For anyone interested. As I said I love writing. Some of my work can be found here. you do have to register because I keep trolls/assholes out that way. But if you wanna have a look, sign up and I'll approve it. Just some of my writing. Again, if interested.

I will leave you with these final words of wisdom before you go ...

What is the meaning of life? ... well, 42 of course!