I wanna burn down everything we begun, I wanna kill and eat my young.
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Satan - The Shark In The Suit by emperorschance

In the small town of Pineville, there lived many different people. Some friendly people, some not-so-friendly people. Some wealthy citizens, some not so wealthy citizens. Some overweight people, some skinny people. But despite all their similarities and differences, they all had one thing in common. They were all human beings. All but one, Stan the Shark.

Stan the Shark as the citizens of Pineville called him, was a shark. He behaved like a human but he was a shark. He ate human food, he dressed like a human, he walked like a human and he spoke perfect English. Because of this, Stan the Shark was never able to gain the trust of the people of Pineville.

"Morning," he'd say to his neighbor on the way to work. His neighbor would ignore him.

"Morning, how's the weather?" he'd ask the busdriver while depositing his fare.

"Why don't you just look at the sky, you're outside, jackass," the busdriver snarled back.

"Morning," he'd greet his co-workers outside the office. They wouldn't respond.

"How's it going," he'd greet his boss, who wouldn't say anything.

"Hey, hey, Stan," his boss one day approaches him at his computer.

"What is it?" Stan asks.

"You're fired," the boss tells him.

Stan feels his heart sink. "Why...? Because I'm a shark?"

"Because the entire town is tired of you pretending to be a shark."