You were witness to Serra being straight... you cannot forget... your mind descends into eternal hell.
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Serra "orc on lover on me" Surname

Serra "n1 the bomb" Surname

Serra "role probability on the worst 3p" Surname

Serra "rejects the bride's proposal!" Surname

Serra "[lyncher target] is yakuza" Surname

"i think i'm gonna roll maf, and then die n1 when i roll town and then i think i'll roll maf again"

I'm not active here anymore but I've still got all the #dirt.

If you "don't see the big deal" with slurs and/or get mad at me over "cisphobia" etc. don't talk to me just don't I couldn't care less.

changed profile 7/24/2020 the end of an era

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I don't like Despair Ronpa and Deckgan Ronpa anymore and the way I made the icons bothers me so yeah...

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05/05/2013: Started playing May 5th, 2013:

05/28/2013: First voodoo roulette

06/18/2013: EpicMafia's 2 millionth game is a Dangan Mafia

06/04/2020: Just look at this shit please:

06/04/2020 The game that put us all in braincell deficit:

06/06/2020 Serra appreciation hour:

06/28/2020 Best 50p guiser game ever:



The slowest speed you can have while still moving can be achieved by sneaking and blocking with your sword while walking on Soul Sand with ice underneath it through cobwebs and still lava backwards, under the effect of a potion of slowness II. In addition, if the player is under these conditions and is moving at a steep angle against an adjacent block, they can move at almost infinitesimal speeds, moving only 0.00001 m at a time. You can achieve even slower speeds by using the following command: /effect-user name-2-(seconds)-6, as levels 7 and above render you immobile.




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