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EMBB8 Trophy Game

over 6 years

EMBB8: Wonderland

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ryan king of awards
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about 6 years
Congratulations to JULIA (JEWLIAGAY) FOR WINNING EMBB8 IN A VOTE OF 4-3 AGAINST SAM (ISAMEI)! The cast were amazing and contributed to a top 2 EMBB season. It was epic to watch, host, and play from all point of views. Thank you for contributing to an amazing experience and the hosts are all so thankful of the players.

To the audience, thank you for engaging with the game and making this so much more fun for us as hosts. We appreciate everyone who had a hand in this epic game we call EMBB8, and we are thankful we were able to give the EMBB series another great season. Here is the Voting Chart for the season and updated records.

Tune in to the upcoming EMVivor5 season that will be hosted on DISCORD! It will be an epic experience to watch play out! The season starts Saturday and to join the Discord for it, ask Nattless, Jack, Eat, Jpriced, Beastman2764, Zacharae, or the EMVV account on Epicmafia (or another platform!)
about 6 years
Our fifth award is “Host’s Favorite” and the top three were Emily, Jayden, and Ryan. The winner is…


Our sixth award is “Player of the Season” and the top three were Agus, Emily and Ryan. The winner is…


Our seventh award is “Fan Favorite” which was voted for by the audience. The top two were Julia and Ryan. The runner ups were Agus and Emily. The winner is…


That’s all our awards for tonight, but we’d just like to let all the players know that they were amazing and contributed to a top 2 EMBB season. The cast were great together and made for an epic season. Thank for you to contributing to an amazing season and the hosts are all so thankful of you for playing.
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Without further ado, it is now time to announce awards this season. The hosts decided on which player should win one of 7 awards. Each award has two runner ups.

Our first award is “Should Sign Up to IRL Big Brother” and the top three were Anthony, Jayden, and Matt, with an Honorable Mention going to Emily. The winner is…


Our second award is “Most Underrated” and the top three were Jake, Jayden, and Kori. The winner is…


Our third award is “Best Pre-Juror” and the top three were Anthony, Jose, and Scott. The winner is…


Our fourth award is “Best Diary Room” and the top three were Emily, Ryan, and Sam, with an Honorable Mention going to Jake. The winner is…

about 6 years
Kori has voted for…


JULIA for winning EMBB8 in a vote of 4-3!

Kori: Through a small part of me does feel salt, you explained your moves well, and you played a game that I can really respect and get behind.

Once again, congratulations Julia for winning BB8 and winning a Gold Trophy. Congratulations to Sam as well for receiving a Silver Trophy, and for playing a great game.
about 6 years
Jake has voted for…


Jake: I’m so proud of you for everything you did this season. Never forget you played better than any male on this cast and overcame all the obstacles you faced this season.

Jake: It was extremely difficult and you did the damn thing. <3

That is 2 votes for Julia and 1 vote for Sam.

Ryan has voted for…


Ryan: Sam, you had the best strategy to get to the end of any player in the game by far. But where your strategy shined, your social game and impact on the season faltered in my eyes.

Ryan: Julia’s ability to claw her way through the game with the immense “female duo” target oozing about her, while consistently impacting the goings-on

Ryan: and keeping genuine loyalty to allies is what earned her my jury vote. Both of you played excellent games regardless and you’re both great <3

That is 3 votes for Julia and 1 vote for Sam.

Agus has voted for…


Agus: While I entered the Jury with a slight learn towards voting Julia, as I felt cutting me was the right choice for her,

Agus: I liked Sam’s speech and answers more, and with both of you having relatively even gameplays I decided to vote for the one I worked closer with.

That is 3 votes for Julia and 2 votes for Sam.

Jayden has voted for…


Jayden: I was planning to vote for Julia the whole time, but Sam I liked your answer to my jury question much better so I switched at the last minute.

That is 3 votes for Julia and 3 votes for Sam. We are tied. Kori’s vote will determine the winner.
about 6 years
It’s now time to read the votes.

Emily has voted for…


Emily: Julia, I knew from the moment I was evicted, I would be casting my vote for you to win this whole game.

Emily: You are the funniest, sweetest, prettiest girl I know and it truly makes me so happy to be your friend.

Emily: I know how hard you worked in this game and I believe you showcased that to the best of your ability through your jury answers.

Emily: I truly don’t know what the outcome is going to be tonight, but I HOPE that you’re our winner. I love you so much. You’ll be my girl forever hehe! <3

Matt has voted for…

Sam. That is 1 vote for Julia and 1 vote for Sam.

Matt: I frankly think you played a much better game compared to what others have given you credit for.

Matt: I really do think you played a good, winning game and it was an honor playing alongside you. GGWP
about 6 years
The jurors walk up to the podiums.

Jakey walks up to the podium.

Jakey: No emotion. Strictly best gameplay.

Jayden walks up to the podium.

Jayden: I’m choosing to vote for the person who I like the most.

Matt walks up to the podium.

Matt: Congratulations to both of you. You both fought very hard up until tonight and you should be proud of the game you played.

Matt: Ultimately, I am casting my vote for the person who I think played the better game and who fought the hardest while answering the jury’s questions.

Matt: Good luck!

Kori walks up to the podium.

Kori: Well congrats again guys, while I'll admit, of the possible F2 combinations, this is probably one I was the least expecting and the least high on

Kori: I have to admit it's an accomplishment to be where you are, well done.

Ryan walks up to the podium.

Ryan: Hey cuties Both of you are deserving, and either result is justified. My vote came down to whose journey I respect more, and who fought harder to get here.

Emily walks up to the podium.

Emily: Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m casting my vote for the better of you two :~)

Agus walks up to the podium.

Agus: You both generally played good games, and you should be proud of yourselves for sitting there, regardless of the results.

Agus: I spent a lot of time thinking and going over your answers and speeches but I ended up voting for the one that slightly convinced me a bit more.

Agus: Good luck!
about 6 years
EMBB8 finale will be tomorrow 10 PM (EDT). The fan fave poll will also close tomorrow, at 8PM. Get those last minute votes in and vote for your favorite houseguest!
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Sorry @ final 2 I flopped I couldn't make a speech on time, but I'm reading all ya responses v carefully so u betta pour yourselves into them
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Christmas Tree Shops, Julia...SHOPS
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agus ily thank u for the draft points
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agus robbt
about 6 years
sigh that's ok embb bronze family just got even more lit
about 6 years

(Also, am I the only one surprised Sam stayed around for so long after the whole drama while Pica was still alive- but gj lad.)
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WEEK 14 Final Eviction

Agus has been evicted. He is the final member of the jury.

Julia and Sam, congratulations on making it to Final 2. Your 48 hour window for making your finalist speech has begun. This means you have until 8 PM EST on June 7 to submit your speech through a Google Doc preferrably. You also have to send your gmail to your Diary Room so you can be given editing access to jury speeches when the window of answering them begins.

Again, congratulations on making it to Final 2! One of you will receive a Gold trophy and the other will receive a Silver trophy. These will be the last days of your EMBB8 experience - make the most of it through your speech and answers to the jury!
about 6 years
PART 3 Results

Julia - 16/16 19 minutes 18 seconds
Agus - 16/16 48 minutes 44 seconds

Julia now has to evict Agus or Sam. Agus or Sam must state their pleas in the House Chat. Afterwards, Julia will have to immediately evict someone.