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EMBB4 Trophy Game

over 7 years

EMBB4 - Week 13


Fantasy Draft:


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Final 2

Nattless' Speech:

Zeezo's Speech:

FireDragonPrince's Jury Speech:

Bonk's Jury Speech:

Jellofish's Jury Speech:

Bgeas15's Jury Speech:

UltraAug's Jury Speech:

Ally's Jury Speech:

Memory Wall:

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i donth ave a very good imagination. i keep trying to pretend ur eMBB but i keep reading it as scott. this is really ruining my big brother immersion.
over 7 years pretend I'm on the EMBB account

Bonk's Jury Speech:
Jellofish's Jury Speech:
Bgeas15's Jury Speech:
UltraAug's Jury Speech:
Ally's Jury Speech:
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FireDragonPrince's Jury Speech:
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good luck you two!
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Nattless' Speech:
Zeezo's Speech:
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love you ally you were a queen and went down like royalty. looking forward to seeing you play in all stars!!!
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milk can only get me so far apparently...
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[8:54:31 PM] Zeezo: bye ally
[8:54:31 PM] ally ♥: ty
[8:54:33 PM] Zeezo: <3
[8:54:34 PM] Zeezo: AAAAA
[8:54:35 PM] *** ally ♥ has left ***
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[8:52:20 PM] Zeezo: ?
[8:52:59 PM] Nat: I vote to evict Ally. Ally congrats on bronze, I'm sorry that I'm not taking you here, but you really have no idea how close Zee and I have become in the last couple of weeks. I told her I was taking her to f2, and I am not one to go back on that. You've been a loyal and good friend, and I'm so pleased that we got to know one another so well in this game. I'm grateful to you for our friendship and the conversations we have had in this game. It saddens me that people have called you a goat this game, because genuinely if they think that then they cannot see the game you've played. You aren't a goat, and every move you made was calculated. I recognised that from the moment you survived against sirperior. Not only did you survive against the odds, but you also threw the target off yourself, and made sure that the people you wanted gone left.
[8:53:10 PM] Nat:
Zeezo, thanks for being so loyal to me, and congrats on either gold or silver. You've been a sound source of support throughout this game, and standing beside you at the end makes me incredibly happy. I adore you and regardless of which way this goes, i'll be forever grateful for our friendship and the chats we have had.
[8:53:17 PM] ally ♥: congratulations zeezo i'm so happy for you truly <3
I love you and i'm proud of you both and i'm glad I made good friends with both of you
impress me !!! <3 good luck lovelies
[8:53:30 PM] Zeezo: AAAAAAAA
[8:53:36 PM] Zeezo: JUST A SEC
[8:54:15 PM] ally ♥: can I go
[8:54:18 PM] ally ♥: is that ok
[8:54:22 PM] Jason: yes
[8:54:28 PM] Jason: congratulations on trophying
[8:54:30 PM] ally ♥: good luck both of you !!!!!!!!!!!
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[8:48:59 PM] Nat: At the end of the day, this vote is not an easy one at all. I'm choosing between two people who played incredible games.
[8:49:15 PM] Nat: Ally who made the right alliances at the right times, and went from 'the person most people want to evict' in touchy subjects, to a strong contender in f3. She played an incredible social game and was able to keep the target off her back, despite having the swing vote a number of times, and a great impact on how the game progressed, particularly given that she was a big majority voter.
[8:49:41 PM] Nat: Zeezo, who played a strong social game, and who demonstrated more challenge skill, particularly in the late game, who it seems has more people with a higher opinion of her game.
[8:49:56 PM] Zeezo: :/
[8:50:15 PM] Nat: There's no right decision here, i tried putting myself in the position of the jury members, and genuinely looking at it objectively there are reasons for all three of us to win.
[8:50:32 PM] Nat: If I were voting between the two of them, I honestly couldn't tell you where my vote would go. They both played brilliantly, and there is no way to say who made the better decisions or had the bigger impact on the game.
[8:51:08 PM] Nat: With all of that considered, here is my decision.
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[8:47:00 PM] Nat: hello
[8:47:05 PM] Nat: who is here for the ceremony
[8:47:10 PM] Jason: Hello
[8:47:19 PM] ally ♥: hi
[8:47:44 PM] Zeezo: ;-;
[8:48:03 PM] Nat: ahem
[8:48:07 PM] *** Nat stands ***
[8:48:11 PM] Zeezo: ?
[8:48:13 PM] Nat: I am the final HoH
[8:48:30 PM] Jason: (clap)
[8:48:34 PM] Nat: I dominated a puzzle, killed some bugs, and read some goodbye messages to make this decision
[8:48:50 PM] ally ♥: you literally swept us
[8:48:51 PM] ally ♥: btch
[8:48:58 PM] ally ♥: oh god i'm lagging
over 7 years

Ally says

u ever just forget that JV didn't make jury?

dead. dragged.

deletedover 7 years
u ever just forget that JV didn't make jury?
deletedover 7 years
deletedover 7 years
over 7 years
[9:14:45 PM] Zeezo: NOOOOOO
[9:14:49 PM] ally ♥: NAT <3 CONGRATS
[9:14:50 PM] ally ♥: QUEEN
[9:14:57 PM] Jessy: She also won the puzzle with 21 seconds
[9:15:00 PM] ally ♥: LMAO
[9:15:02 PM] ally ♥: NAT SWEEPS
[9:15:06 PM] Zeezo: smh
[9:15:07 PM] Chris: LOSELESS in the building
[9:15:11 PM] ally ♥: chris
[9:15:16 PM] ally ♥: did you laugh at me
[9:15:17 PM] ally ♥: when i put jv
[9:15:21 PM] ally ♥: i didn't even notice !!!!!
[9:15:28 PM] *** ally ♥ cries ***
[9:15:34 PM] Zeezo: Nat take me to f2 :)
[9:15:38 PM] Chris: I hadn't ironically
[9:15:45 PM] ally ♥: nat you were in my ideal f3 unlike zeezo
[9:15:45 PM] ally ♥: sooo
[9:15:55 PM] Zeezo: yh right
[9:15:57 PM] ally ♥: mrs. wanted to cut you at f5
[9:16:00 PM] Zeezo: (envy)
[9:16:02 PM] Zeezo: no!!!
[9:16:09 PM] ally ♥: u told her yourself!
[9:16:13 PM] Zeezo: i was going to take nat to f2 here no matter what :)
[9:16:17 PM] Zeezo: after week 9
[9:16:24 PM] Zeezo: also
[9:16:25 PM] Zeezo: nat
[9:16:29 PM] Zeezo: i gave you all my scores :(
[9:16:34 PM] Zeezo: for the f3 hoh
over 7 years
[9:12:31 PM] Zeezo: gdi
[9:12:42 PM] Zeezo: i think Nat beat me at the puzzle aaaa
[9:12:46 PM] Zeezo: and maybe even bugs!
[9:12:47 PM] Zeezo: ;(
[9:12:58 PM] ally ♥: i won the puzzle!!
[9:13:00 PM] ally ♥: with 15 seconds
[9:13:00 PM] ally ♥: : D
[9:13:03 PM] Zeezo: oh
[9:13:04 PM] Zeezo: fk
[9:13:44 PM] Zeezo: like
[9:13:50 PM] Zeezo: nat said she was going to work
[9:13:55 PM] Jessy: In the Bugs flash game..
[9:13:58 PM] Zeezo: AAAAAA
[9:14:05 PM] Jessy: Ally received 64250 and is 3rd!
[9:14:05 PM] Zeezo: :s
[9:14:08 PM] ally ♥: amazing
[9:14:10 PM] Jessy: This means it's down to Nattless and Zeezo..
[9:14:10 PM] Zeezo: OH
[9:14:12 PM] Zeezo: NAT FKING
[9:14:15 PM] Zeezo: SHE TRIED AT WORK
[9:14:16 PM] Zeezo: NOOOOO
[9:14:18 PM] Zeezo: NOOOOOO
[9:14:19 PM] Zeezo: ;(
[9:14:22 PM] ally ♥: zeezo pls
[9:14:22 PM] Zeezo: inb4 nat sweeps
[9:14:23 PM] ally ♥: chill
[9:14:32 PM] Jessy: With only a difference of 560 points..
[9:14:35 PM] ally ♥: holy
[9:14:35 PM] Zeezo: NOOOOO
over 7 years
[9:10:54 PM] Zeezo: AYYYYYY
[9:10:56 PM] ally ♥: OH MY GOD
[9:11:01 PM] Zeezo: i know felicia so well :$
[9:11:02 PM] ally ♥: I'M CRYING
[9:11:08 PM] ally ♥: I PUT A NON JUROR
[9:11:15 PM] Zeezo: uhhh
[9:11:18 PM] Zeezo: im going to check now
[9:11:19 PM] *** ally ♥ kills myself ***
[9:11:19 PM] Jessy: Tbh I'm gonna cut to the chase
[9:11:22 PM] ally ♥: thank god
[9:11:23 PM] Zeezo: who i put
[9:11:25 PM] ally ♥: please don't torture me anymore
[9:11:25 PM] Zeezo: nat won?
[9:11:26 PM] Jessy: Nattless got 5 answers correct, Ally and Zeezo got 4
[9:11:31 PM] Zeezo: ;(
[9:11:33 PM] Jessy: so Nattless wins this part of the Final HOH!
[9:11:33 PM] ally ♥: i lost every part
[9:11:34 PM] ally ♥: amazing
[9:11:44 PM] ally ♥: i can't believe i said a non juror.
[9:11:51 PM] ally ♥: do u think chris was himself while i submitted
[9:11:54 PM] Zeezo: Nat is going to steal my silver trophy
[9:11:59 PM] Zeezo:
over 7 years
[9:09:03 PM] Jessy: 3. Playing with you has been great Sirp. Groupcalls were top tier and Ill miss having you around
Sent to SirPerior
[9:09:14 PM] Zeezo: idk who this was
[9:09:18 PM] Zeezo: maybe steph
[9:09:32 PM] Jessy: This was sent by LolaInSlacks.
[9:09:35 PM] ally ♥: oh
[9:09:35 PM] Zeezo: o
[9:09:38 PM] Zeezo: i got it right!!!
[9:09:43 PM] ally ♥: i couldn't figure out what was hers
[9:09:43 PM] Zeezo: i think
[9:09:44 PM] Zeezo: idr
[9:09:46 PM] Jessy: You both know that only jurors were options right
[9:09:51 PM] ally ♥: yes
[9:09:52 PM] ally ♥: omg
[9:09:53 PM] Zeezo: yeah
[9:09:54 PM] Zeezo: why
[9:09:59 PM] Jessy: :P
[9:10:11 PM] Zeezo: what!!!
[9:10:17 PM] Zeezo: i didnt put a pre-juror!!
[9:10:20 PM] Jessy: ok!
[9:10:25 PM] Zeezo: (punch)
[9:10:32 PM] Jessy: Ally got this Wrong!
[9:10:47 PM] ally ♥: i OH MY GOD
[9:10:48 PM] ally ♥: I PUT JV
[9:10:50 PM] ally ♥: OH
[9:10:50 PM] Jessy: Nattless got this Wrong!
[9:10:50 PM] ally ♥: MY
[9:10:50 PM] ally ♥: GOD
[9:10:51 PM] Zeezo: LOL
[9:10:53 PM] Zeezo: ALLY
[9:10:54 PM] ally ♥: THAT WAS FOR ME
over 7 years
[9:07:55 PM] Jessy: 2. if you are out i hope you know that i tried to keep you in :/ you've been a very good friend and i hope we can continue talking
Sent to JacobV
[9:08:02 PM] ally ♥: i know igot this wrong
[9:08:03 PM] Zeezo: idk who that was
[9:08:10 PM] Jessy: This was sent by jatothecob.
[9:08:14 PM] ally ♥: O
[9:08:16 PM] Zeezo: ahhhhhh
[9:08:21 PM] Zeezo: i think i considered putting him
[9:08:21 PM] Jessy: Zeezo got this Wrong.
[9:08:25 PM] Zeezo: ;-;
[9:08:31 PM] Jessy: Ally got this Correct.
[9:08:36 PM] Zeezo: ALLY YOU LIL
[9:08:37 PM] ally ♥: huh.
[9:08:39 PM] Jessy: Nattless got this Correct.
[9:08:42 PM] ally ♥: wow nat
[9:08:43 PM] ally ♥: queen
[9:08:55 PM] Zeezo: i told you idek the jury!!!