over 7 years

Remade because whiners wanted to see the apology.

Original text:

"So a certain user whose name begins with W and ends with inifred has gotten her hands on an incorrect set of my dox. This doesn't concern me too much, but what does concern me is her obsession with an internet troll on an online mafia simulator.

It appears that instead of hanging out with her boyfriend while he's on vacation she's chosen to target me on Skype and send me foreboding messages, along with changing her Skype status to "she who has the information, has the power."

I feel no ill will towards you, Merlot, but I do find it interesting that you have such an obsession with me that you would wish to seek out my personal information. I don't think you'll dox me of course (at least not on EpicMafia), but I thought you deserve some public shaming for being a creep, a stalker and not very good at getting up-to-date information.

I know that you've actively looked for me to fess up in the past but to no avail. Instead of telling you why I do the things that I do like you want me to, I'll just sit here in my high castle and have my friends seed this post over and over again in every EpicMafia lobby, to show everybody that you are a petulant little rat.

Have you ever stopped to consider the human, Merlot? To think about why I do it? Surely I don't do it just to troll, of course. Maybe there are personal circumstances or desires.

This isn't about Merlot though. In light of this revelation I have chosen to quit this website as some people have become too involved with the Golbolco character. I will leave my final messages to my friends and enemies alike in this post.

@Lucid: Add Gambler, Duelist, Nephilim and Harbinger next please. I would discuss further role additions with user Desta.

@Bebop: Your heart's in the right place, but your woman is wacky. Keep doing what you do and learn from your mistakes.

@Error: We're not so different, man. If what I've been told is correct, we've got some similar issues. I hope the best for you, and I sincerely mean that.

@Izzy: Things will get better, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful person and it is your kindness that is your greatest strength.

@Fred and Miranda: I hope that things go good for you two in the future! I give you all of my love <3

@Ballsy: You are one of the most hilarious users I've met on this site. Never quit it.

@ChaoticDoom and your sister: I wish the best for you two. Also, this episode of Rebels tonight looks killer!

@Warlock, Herredy, Dourada and Sl0nderman: You guys are crazy and I love you all the more for it.

@Amelio: Be real with us, man. I believe in you, I genuinely do.

@Jimbei: You get on my nerves but in a sibling kind of way. Stay cool.

@Ace: You're one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I wish you the best of luck.

@Chris: Tell Chimpy I said hi.

@Everybody else: You're all very super famous users on an online mafia forum. Don't let it go to your head like it did with Winnie. Just have fun and don't let people bother you.


Merlot's apology:

I have archived the rest of the comments.