hi i’m gay66

alexandra7d 23h

i just want a thread to post songs in.. u can also ask me questions or for opinions i guess

alexandra3d 12h
i would like an onion please ^.^
hi benny u requested a ban so idk if u will even see this but i'll post it anyway hehe

u seem like a really sweet dude tbh, we haven't interacted a whole lot outside of games but you've always been nice to me, and i appreciate it

you're a very very good player and i enjoy playing with you a lot, i'm glad that you decided to come back for a while cos i missed u on the site tbh

ur dog is also rlly cute

i don't know a lot about u on a personal level but we have quite a few close friends in common so i'm sure u must be lovely !
Awnyy3d 12h
I dont want an opinion but im hetero & single
SinB3d 12h
criticize me
Awnyy3d 12h!
Jeff is jealous
alexandra3d 12h
add me on snap joey xoxoxo
alexandra3d 12h
ok taking a break from the opinions

middle fingers up, put them hands high
wave it in his face, tell him boy, bye
tell him boy, bye, boy, bye
middle fingers up, i ain't thinking bout u


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