hi i’m gay320

alexandra6mon 5d

i just want a thread to post songs in.. u can also ask me questions or for opinions i guess

also feel free to post songs u love and want to share i love hearing new music hehe

MisterPresident21d 13h
It has been over 7 minutes since you've given SinB and opinion so can you please give him an updated one
eadin21d 12h
write one for me**************************************** im SORRY
hi eadin!!!!!

i feel like i haven't rlly seen u around lately but i also left most of the servers i was in that you were semi active in so that's probably why

you're a sweetheart, u are definitely not the angry little crazy games lobby mod i thought u were to begin with. you're incredibly intelligent, and you're also v socially aware and i think you have strong moral compass.

i'm glad u've been playing orgs even if u haven't had a whole lot of luck SDJKSJKD i hope u enjoyed them at least!! it was nice playing sbbb with u even if it wasn't for a v long time. u deserved to outplace jon at least.

ur a sweetheart i dont have much else to say we should talk more but i'm really bad at talking to people i'm sorry SDJKSDJK
ilysm im glad u dont think im a nutbag anymore! and dw sis i cant talk to people either
emma21d 12h
can i pls have a new opinion !
Eli21d 11h
opinion of me now that you know my anon opinion
ivana21d 8h!
Aww that was so sweet!!! I'm kind of scared to ask but could you do an opinion of me? I love your constructive criticism and I promise I won't cry or freak out LOL
hiii ivana

you're a very passionate and emotional person, and you're very reactive. this can be both an amazing thing and a really horrifying thing depending on what ur reacting to SDJKSDJK i've been on both sides of hate and love for you and it's definitely a trip

i don't think you tend to have malicious intentions/you don't hurt people just for the sake of hurting people, or be mean to people just to be mean. you're like me and you lash out when you're hurt or when someone does something to upset you. and when we were closer that kinda led us to a cycle of lashing out at each other and just getting progressively nastier until it blew up.

i care a lot about you but i don't think that we're compatible as close friends because i think we tend to feed off each other's energy in a way that leads to toxicity DSJKSJKD. i do love you though, and i think you're an incredibly sweet, loyal, kind human being when you're in a good place (which is most of the time recently). anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend and i'm grateful to have met u despite everything that's happened.
Girl I don't think we've ever agreed more on anything than this opinion. Beautifully written and said. And while a personal friendship between us seems to be toxic, I have enormous respect for you as an individual and I just want to say I'm so proud of all the progress you've made. You exilerate such patience and fairness now. You're not as emotionally triggered.

I know we joke around and say alexandra > Ally but I think the new username change was good for you. Like a transformation into a new person. You're definitely not as mean as you used to be. You're actually a beautiful and sensitive person who receives too much BS sometimes.
ivana21d 8h
I know it's water under the bridge but I'm definitely not proud of how I acted towards you in the past but I'm truly happy we reached the peaceful place we're at now. Thanks for always keeping it real with me, even when I didn't appreciate it before. Xo
emily21d 3h!
i want a brand new opinion please (both e's coming at you today...)

and listen to lights up by harry styles please x 2
Citadel21d 3h
i want a brand new opinion please (both e's coming at you today...)

and listen to lights up by harry styles please x 2
You're short and you can't reach the middle shelf. Next!
Milton123421d 2h!
yay can i have another opinion pls
emily21d 2h
i want a brand new opinion please (both e's coming at you today...)

and listen to lights up by harry styles please x 2
You're short and you can't reach the middle shelf. Next!
i hope you choke on a beer
Citadel21d 2h
i want a brand new opinion please (both e's coming at you today...)

and listen to lights up by harry styles please x 2
You're short and you can't reach the middle shelf. Next!
i hope you choke on a beer
Provide me with a beer then, shortie
ivana20d 23h
Hi Shittydel, love u
alexandra19d 17h
i'll do opinions later i feel lazy

idk what to do with my day

i'm probably just going to lay in bed high and watch hell's kitchen
wink17d 17h!
i'd like one too (i think you've given me one before but i wouldnt mind another) c:
hi nicole!!

i feel like despite our paths crossing a lot and us being in servers together etc., i don't really know that much about you. you tend to stay out of drama etc., you aren't as... Loud or Abrasive as a lot of people on this site, you're a lot softer/a more positive presence. you've always been incredibly kind to me (and kind to everyone, as far as i can see publicly) and you've reached out to me more than once when i was getting a lot of hate and i appreciate it a lot. you're also rlly enjoyable to play mafia with, and the one time we played roblox together in the em server was super fun too hehe. you're a real sweetheart <3
alex my heart is incredibly warm right now, you are the absolute sweetest. and this thread in general has just been incredibly wholesome, i am grateful for you. let's play more games together, i'd love to be closer to you. <3
Milton123417d 16h!

i'm coming home
i'm coming home
tell the world i'm coming home
let the rain
wash away
all the pain
of yesterday
Milton123417d 16h
im very much into sports so this reminds me of lebron james returning to the cleveland cavaliers in 2014 and 2 years later, winning cleveland its first major sports title in 52 years and breaking the cleveland sports curse
SinB16d 8h
why did i notice this now
SinB16d 8h
give me an updated one
hi jonathan

HOSTILE mod. i have a real issue i have with you. i think that you are bad idk. stop but yeah. i think ur strong
honestly you are the reason why i still mod today. i really love talking to you, but i'm shy around the people who i respect a lot (not that i dont respect the other people) but this is a different level of respect. ya feel? okay yeah i have no real issues with you but i respect your issue on me. and you're amazing and you can do great things in life. i believe in you.

i like talking to you in servers and i genuinely enjoy your presence. and im sorry that i give off that vibe. i hope other people don't feel the same vibe as you do because i don't really hate people all that much. and i really do enjoy seeing you and your avatar in servers. and i like you a lot and do consider you as a friend. i think you're great also and stay strong, queen.
alexandra6d 19h
i promise i’ll do opinions and stuff eventually but i haven’t really talked about my life in a while so hi. i’m really happy! i have a really great boyfriend that i absolutely f*cking adore, and work is going much much better than it was for most of the year and i feel like i’m accomplishing and growing a lot.

it’s also been exactly a year (as of a few days ago) since i moved out of my mom’s. and the past year has been really wild and insane and my life is completely different than it was a year ago, and i’m in a completely different place than i thought i would be, and it’s wild to think about all the ways my life has changed. i feel so different in so many ways, and i’m really happy with who i am right now.

i’m on holidays from work next week but i’m not doing much so i’m gonna decorate my apartment for christmas i think. it’ll be my first time setting up my own christmas tree and decorating on my own and it feels nice and i am excited
Milton12344d 19h

i owned every second that this world could give
i saw so many places, the things that i did
yeah with every broken bone
i swear i lived


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