what IS harassment?44

alexandra7mon 16d

i think this is a very valid question, and i'm hoping we can discuss this here.

hypothetically, do you think the following should be considered harassment?

  • repeatedly calling someone a "horrible person" when asked to stop.
  • repeatedly making up lies about a person in an attempt to viofarm them (including lying about stuff they've said in the past, lying about them deleting posts, etc)
  • repeatedly making threads about them and posting month-old screenshots in an attempt to turn people against them
  • repeatedly accusing them of intentionally trying to "mess them up emotionally" for commenting in their threads
  • repeatedly calling them stupid
  • posting on someone's profile calling them stupid and psycho
  • threatening to post in the forums every single day about how stupid someone is
  • constantly trying to guilt trip someone by telling them that even seeing their name puts them in a bad place
  • accusing someone of trying to "mess them up to the point that they relapse" [self harm/suicide]
  • accusing someone of intentionally trying to make them have suicidal thoughts

after being noted for all of the above and told to stop antagonizing them, doing the following:

  • calling them a horrible person again
  • calling them classless scum
  • accusing them again of "searching them out" to intentionally try and trigger suicidal thoughts so they kill themselves
  • accusing them of "trying to make [them] hurt [themselves]"
  • saying that just seeing them "triggers them back into a dark place"
  • calling them pathetic
  • trying to emotionally manipulate the admins by saying that they might have to go to the hospital because of this and that the admins need to do something or they're leaving the site

there's more but i feel like this catches the important bits.

in an attempt at fairness, the person this hypothetical harassment was directed to has done the following in the same time period:

  • told them to get their head out of their a/ss
  • said they broke the TOS of epicmafia
  • made a joke about them breaking the ERB rule
  • called them stupid

when the hypothetical harasser in question accuses them of attempting to "seek them out" to "make them attempt suicide", this is what they are referring to.

what are your thoughts on this? and specifically, what are your thoughts on people using the threat of suicidal threats and hospital visits to try and make the admins act a certain way? is this something that should be allowed?

RydiaMay 1, 2019
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deletedMay 1, 2019
welcome to 2019
SolucionesMay 1, 2019
alexandra tell me what's the real purpose of this thread
alexandraMay 1, 2019
it was in response to another one. that one has been moved now and i have no need for this


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