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Orly2mon 6d

> The Inappropriate Content rule has been amended again to hopefully

> clarify some concerns: "Posting content anywhere on the site that,

> based on moderator discretion, could be considered overtly vulgar or

> indecent in nature. This includes, but is not limited to: any content

> that promotes indecent or severely offensive/inappropriate discussions

> or viewpoints, or images/links to content that falls under those

> guidelines. Inappropriate content that is found on the site will be

> deleted with or without prior notice." This is meant to be a severe

> vio. A good rule of thumb is that if you even think something could

> potentially fall under this, ask a mod or just don't say it. Thank

> you!

It doesn't disturb me that this sort of logic has been implemented as policy. What disturbs me is that the moderators of this site, and I'm sure lucid as well, have sadly fallen victim to delusional thinking in which the concept of free speech is no longer important. This is how American principles die on the internet.

This is how you kill off basic human rights. It starts with the silencing of dissent.

It won't matter for a simple website like this. But I would like those of you who believe this is justified logic to seriously read the paragraph I quoted above.

This is not sound legal, judicial, rational, or any sort of logical thinking. There are already numerous avenues to prevent poor quality and vulgar/indecent content on the website.

This is a step not only too far, but a sign of the times.

I don't intend to change your minds. I only ask that each of you who actually believes this is rational, enlightened, evolved human thinking to take a serious step back, and question EVERYTHING you know.

Because this is literally evil.

MonteCarrloApr 18, 2019
Stupid plebs lol
OrlyApr 18, 2019
Also by definition of a safe space you can't have a space be safe for both a fascist and their direct victim, which is really telling of just how far in the sand your head is buried.
Metaphors are lost on you, so I won't bother explaining something beyond your mental capacity.
BebopApr 18, 2019
cant believe people still type posts this long on epicmafia dot com
YHWH1mon 22d
Literally no one asked for this.

The only justifiable reason to rewrite a rule and rewrite it this poorly is to enable moderators to do with the site whatever they want.
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