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deleted5mon 15d

This is my third attempt at creating a forum mafia game, I have decided that the previous ones have not received enough participation and hope that this one will.

If you decide to join please note that a mandatory 50 posts will be required within a 24 hour period. If I do not see that level of participation i will replace you.

Here are the game rules

Set-up is 10 Town, 3 Mafia and consists of all PR's.

As soon as we reach 13 players the roles will be sent out and the game will begin on the following day at 6:00 PM EST

Days will be 72 Hours long, and Night will be 24 hours long (can be sped up with consensus vote)

Also its day start obviously lol



Current voting log 3.01 (71)

  • Game begins (2)
  • Cajones has subbed in for Memoji (25)
  • Achiee has subbed in for NCRAW (34)
  • Day one deadline extended (35)
  • Day one has ended, SteelixMega was lynched (41)
  • Day two has begun, Wadanohara has been killed (41)
  • Gamethroweador has subbed in for poser (43)
  • A voice cries out to you (49)
  • Day one has ended, Shwartz99 was lynched (62)
  • Shwartz99 kills Achiee (62)
  • Day three has begun, January has been killed (62)
  • Day three has ended, Cojones was lynched (75)
  • Night Four has ended, PJM was killed (75)
  • Mafia team (Leb, Gamethroweador, & Shady) Have won (76)

This is the master document, everything can be found here

deletedFeb 19, 2019
A win condition has been met

The mafia consisting of Leb, Gamethroweador, and Shady have won
GameThroweadorFeb 19, 2019
Sorry lads, it feels bad to lead town to the slaughterhouse :(

I was blatant btw, i never get a lynch wrong so as soon as we lynched town i was confirmed :o)

Random thoughts about the game when i'll have more time. LOL WE MADE IT LEB SURVIVED
deletedFeb 19, 2019
I have some thoughts and a master document which will be posted shortly, Id love to hear your thoughts
lebFeb 19, 2019
In all honesty I was tracked, followed and shot, and somehow still survived, so whoever fos’d me gj
SteelixMegaFeb 19, 2019
interesting thing, i voted poser (who was replaced by GT) so i did vote mafia and you guys didn't
shadyFeb 19, 2019
Meme game
deletedFeb 19, 2019
deletedFeb 19, 2019
I thought steelix upvoted his own comment at first.
GameThroweadorFeb 19, 2019
so yeah, random thoughts :

-my role was kinda OP, but it's a hard balance to strike. If i claim early, i have to explain staying alive until the endgame, which becomes a problem if it goes to d5-d6. if i claim late, i risk being guiltied before claiming, at which point town can just figure out "crier doesnt equal to town".
and besides in forum mafia 1 there were a two temp team of 1 town 1 maf so clearing anyone was a mistake...and if i ever caught a stray bullet we were f*cked lol. but overall id say i had an OP role
therefore claiming d2 was the right call, and claiming after a user switch was the perfect cover

-our team had insane synergy. having a crier is ok, but i could buddy without risk because shady would have flipped town on lynch and cop and leb miller. This was the thing that put us over.

-i think my role played to my strengths, to scream in caps like a troll, to powertrip and to abuse a clear position and a "meme user" cover to do what i want. i'm curious to see how more discreet users would have played this role.

-the kills and lynches were great. at the end town was stuck with a claimed LM, a neighborizer and a 1x follower. Looking back, if town had cop claim d1 and get carried by a mimic and a refiller, it would have been the best strat.
the supersaint lynch was lucky, but we made it happen. we were talking the whole day in mafchat to never hammer any town until supersaint flips. and we memed it :doge:
GameThroweadorFeb 19, 2019
-speaking of mafchat, it's immensly broken. in a slow paced game, having a place to exchange ideas, reads and coordinate in real time is invaluable. we all had equal parts in the plays we made, from avoiding supersaint to predicting the remaning prs to killing january to using ninja at the correct time...
if u have time skim through it

-town made some wtf plays tbh. using 3x vote d1, claiming loudmouth, outing bulletproof's ability, not using neighbor when unclear and claimed miller, drinking cop...

-leb living to the end is a meme. the dude was tracked on a ninja night, then shot on second ninja night. pretty much everyone voted him at some point, he claimed miller 1 shot???

anyway gg it was real fun. thanks dylan, shady and leb, sorry town ily c:
Shwartz99Feb 19, 2019
rip i wasnt here when everyone started bandwagoning me

i would have said something about my ability then or selfed so that id be the last one voting me
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nFeb 19, 2019
LOL, why would we lynch conjones over leb :fp:
takeFeb 19, 2019
crier should always be town.

that's all that get's me salty

then i'm k
takeFeb 19, 2019
also gamethroweabro got like the most insane setup play i've ever seen in my entire life
holy shit
januaryFeb 19, 2019
leb dodged my shot what a pro
achieeFeb 19, 2019
hmm that was unexpected
achieeFeb 19, 2019!
this was actually pretty fun; thanks for hosting dylan!! with the forum format, i felt like there was enough time between days/nights, and what i noticed is that games are taken more seriously bc it's more like "high stakes" (not veering toxic or personal though). also i liked how i could just read, post, and leave on my own time, rather than having to stay for a 30 min. game start-to-finish

also thanks to everybody else who dealt with my noobness :-) u all made this very enjoyable :O
deletedFeb 20, 2019
Btw me and Shady will be hosting the next forum mafia game in roughly Four weeks - March 15th

This games theme is undecided yet
takeFeb 20, 2019
Btw me and Shady will be hosting the next forum mafia game in roughly Four weeks - March 15th

This games theme is undecided yet
Count me in


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