Spotify Wrapped 201839

Eli2mon 14d

It's that time of the year again, post your Spotify wrapped pictures from

AlyssaDec 7, 2018
not a jazz fan?
AlyssaDec 7, 2018
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nDec 7, 2018
im not an Alyssa fan
EnamoredDec 7, 2018
EnamoredDec 7, 2018
AllyDec 7, 2018

i got a new spotify in october so this isnt rlly accurate / its missing most of my year ... love my end of year choices tho
BarbatosDec 10, 2018

pretty accurate
BarbatosDec 10, 2018
D3xTr0m3th0rph4n only likes music you can guzzle nyquil to
MouthsDec 11, 2018
Shwartz99Dec 11, 2018
well well well another stolen thread from sandbox
xelaDec 12, 2018
MegamiDec 12, 2018
really embarrassed

RenFM1mon 29d
I dare Flygon to try and take the p!ss out of this

Big ups to Half Man Half Biscuit
Flygon1mon 29d
notCaucasian1mon 28d
RenFM1mon 28d
Vashti Bunyan >>>
DarkB1mon 28d
slorp1mon 27d
quick reminder that if u listen to xxxtinct or 6ix9ine u r going 2 hell along with ur shitey abusive faves x
What's your most listened genre?