PainFoinmr1mon 16d

Who else does this to their empty alcohol bottles?

Zhuorb1mon 15d
that actually looks pretty cool
cozy1mon 15d
meeee i turn wine bottles into lights!!
Army1mon 15d
I drop lit matches in whiskey shots :)
mulan1mon 15d
:/// whats the point of a candle holder if the wax drips everywhere anyway
Negra1mon 15d
Negra1mon 15d
got about 40 soap dispensers around my home
Enamored1mon 15d
PainFoinmr1mon 14d
:/// whats the point of a candle holder if the wax drips everywhere anyway
It is issue when it drips on the surface, but the wax makes bottles look more aesthetic. I picked up the idea from a bar I often go. If I remember (am sober enough), I will take a picture next time what a bottle buried in wax looks like.

Anyway, what are you people drinking this evening? I have an empty wine bottle from yesterday but I saved some liquer for today:

who is going to guess what that shot glass was used for?
illuminati1mon 13d
I also think it's very cool to drink at home, alone, and with no one else around.
deleted1mon 13d
im gonna drink myself to death thank you for inspiring me
PainFoinmr1mon 11d
^ I'm glad this person found purpose in life and drank themselves to death.

Anyway, I took a picture of that bar where they have huge wax chunks on bottles. Yesterday was quite slow, just did 2 ciders.

PainFoinmr29d 18h
Just updating, so you dont think I'm gone sober or anything. Just havent been taking pics.

PainFoinmr12d 14h
Updating again. Been drinking a lot lately, but mostly beers or vodka + energy drink. Also, I have 20euros left, no alcohol and I need to survive for 12 days. It's easy to get food for 12 days, but I have planned 2 parties where I would need at least 1 bottle of vodka. Life's hard.
Pic related is vodka+triple sec+cranberry juice. Even though vodka was not cooled, this tasted marvelously. We tried with orange juice too, but cranberry juice was the best.
Stay drunk, friends!
Fird12d 13h
my grandpa used to do the same with candles, RIP .
ookami12d 10h
I just buy a bottle and drink it from that, so I don't have to wash the glasses. One wine bottle gets me to that right level of tipsy.
Or, if I know there's a special occasion coming up, I'll just pick up one of the cheap 1-gallon jugs of it.