Racist moderators621

Gulag17mon 21d

Scenarios have occured that, together, clearly demonstrate that the moderator team is severely racist.

Scenario one:

I use the n-word in the context "[name] called me a n-----". I receive a hateful comments violation for using the n-word in my sentence. This was despite my use of the word clearly not being in a hateful context.

(see https://epicmafia.com/report/252495)

Scenario two:

A user uses a racist slur proportional to the n-word, but against another race, twice. They do use it in a hateful context. They receive no violation.

(see https://epicmafia.com/report/254222)


Later in this thread:

The second comment in the screenshot refers to this report https://epicmafia.com/report/254962 which charley gave a no-vio to, of course with no explanation (moderators protect their own)

After being reported for the second comment, bsm still received no-vio, even though it's obvious that if a non-moderator was repeatedly racist after being reported for it then they would probably get banned https://epicmafia.com/report/254965

Edit 2:

Throughout this thread, BSM has defended his multiple racist posts by saying that he is white. He states it is not possible to be racist against white people if you are white. Supposedly, this is what makes his actions appropriate.

Spiritualized, a black, posted "the whites can't handle being called crackers (sorry crackers)". They unequivocally used racist language in a hateful manner. They received a no-vio verdict. This was despite the only purported reason that BSM was not reprimanded not applying here.


Then they posted more racist comments, but received another no-vio verdict



The moderators give people vios for even mentioning the n-word. However, they encourage the use of racial slurs against white people. The moderators are perpetuating black privilege and are attempting to engage in a sitewide white genocide.

alright maybe 'crack' existed in English with the same definition (as in to crack a joke) but point stands that the word predates anything to do with whips

not that I want to let anything get in the way of Gulag being a twat