Trophy Game Records Pt. 28

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Trophy Game Records Pt. 1 -

Twentieth Trophy Game - March 15th 2019 - 28 Players

Hosts: yousef, cjn104, 100God, and HighSpace

Winner: FFSierraDamnThomas - Gold Trophy

Runner-up: Lelcalf - Silver Trophy

3rd: Knife - Bronze Trophy

Google Doc: (Spreadsheet with charts) (BB Phase Drawing) (Survivor Phase Drawing)

R0ronoaZoroMay 21, 2018
Old threads opening post reached the character limit so this is a continuation for any future Trophy Games to be recorded.
mattMay 28, 2018
Ginga gold
Prcsmath silver
Jeff bronze

EMWO 2k18
R0ronoaZoroMay 29, 2018
Ginga gold
Prcsmath silver
Jeff bronze

EMWO 2k18
The doc only documents trophies awarded in survivor lobby and the olympics were not.
R0ronoaZoroMay 30, 2018
deletedMay 30, 2018
roro doing god's work
yousefMar 17, 2019!
Congratulations to FFSierraDamnThomas for winning a Gold Trophy/Trophy Game 20 in a vote of 5-2 against Lelcalf who won a Silver Trophy! Knife won a Bronze Trophy after being cut by Lelcalf at the Final 3. Nicol bubbled!

The game was DC themed, with the first half being 2 Big Brother games, Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Once both games hit Final 6, they merged into a Survivor game with 12 players.

The game was a joy to host, and it was great to see a Trophy Game be hosted after nearly a year of it not being hosted. The last Trophy Game was in May, and it was a morning game in fact, so it was nice to see this revival.

Shout out to my co-hosts cjn104, 100God, and HighSpace for making this happen. Thank you to all the players, spectators, and co-hosts! It started at 9 PM EST and ended at 9 AM EST.
yousefMar 17, 2019
Survivor game phase

1st: FFSierraDamnThomas (5-2 jury vote)
2nd: Lelcalf (5-2 jury vote)
3rd: Knife (1-0)
4th: Nicol (2-2;1-1)
5th: seamusofkansas (4-1)
6th: Spadez0 (3-3;3-1)
7th: FireDragonPrince (6-1)
8th: JohnBatman (5-3)
9th: Picante (8-1)
10th: potledom (9-1)
11th: Hedger (5-5-1;5-4)
12th: Voice (7-5)
yousefMar 17, 2019
2 Big Brother games phase

13th: Samburu (4-0) Suicide Squad
14th: Dared (4-0) Justice League
15th: qrstuv (4-1) Suicide Squad
16th: powerofdeath (3-2) Justice League
17th: karthikbk (6-0) Suicide Squad
18th: bryce1997 (5-1) Justice League
19th: JacobBanana (6-1) Suicide Squad
20th: MonteCarrlo (5-2) Justice League
21st: Korimax (8-0) Suicide Squad
22nd: AniMay (inactive) Justice League
23rd: bumpycloud (5-4) Suicide Squad
24th: lucky (5-3) Justice League
25th: Chanman123 (6-4) Justice League
26th: prcsmath (9-1) Suicide Squad
27th: Sammyyy (10-1) Suicide Squad
28th: Spleg (9-2) Justice League