Pics Pls4,172

Goodbar66mon 11d

keep it civilized you pigs

and don't post facebook links that's stupid

daprinceomar9d 16h!
stdbrain9d 13h
wait there is actually a male em user who is more attractive than me wtf
trikmastadon9d 12h
devin8d 16h!
evo8d 14h
what a cutie.

and the human is ok too, i guess
DaffyDoc6d 18h!

quack quack
space6d 14h

snapchat finally made a filter for my brand
facilier1d 13h

Here is a dump of amazingly awkward guy selfies from the past few months
justin1d 12h
facilier im kinda gay for you (no homo)
he looks like dex’ brother
meg1d 11h
facilier turned me straight