Pics Pls4,678

Goodbar80mon 6d

keep it civilized you pigs

and don't post facebook links that's stupid

Bebop20d 2h
daprinceomar19d 15h
I kissed a dolphin ^_^

Lomouri199614d 13h
Unysprit14d 12h
Crazy how omar gave covid to a dolphin and nobody cares to say anything about it
Merlot9d 21h
honey9d 17h
merlot big cutie (=^-ω-^=)
yeasayer9d 17h
merlot: *exists*

me: oh absolutely. absolutely queen. agreed.
Merlot9d 16h
pussee7d 19h

I'd say this was a New Years to remember, but I don't remember much of it at all
syd4d 21h
syd4d 21h

im just trying to show my love for garlic bread and it posted a gif ive never seen b4 who is trolling me
nicoI4d 5h
nicoI4d 5h!

birthday pics x
Phoenixi3d 18h

birthday pics x
queen1d 10h!
ivana1d 10h!

I am newly single and happy! This smile is from ridding myself of toxicity. Remember to drink water and always love yourself first. :)
Jeff1d 9h
stunning, ivana 🤍