Pics Pls4,126

Goodbar64mon 17d

keep it civilized you pigs

and don't post facebook links that's stupid

poser6h 32m
LMAO shut the hell up
He's not wrong, the similarities are striking!
not as striking as your personality and infinite wang
poser6h 32m
i genuinely dont even know who you are but i had to compliment you back
poser6h 32m
thanks guys <3
yachi6h 22m
thanks guys <3
how’d u muster up the confidence to go full blonde
poser6h 21m
i was 12 and insecure because i hated my tan skin and wanted to appear whiter, thats horrible to say now, but im clearly a blonde at heart
poser6h 20m
you have to be OK with losing some hair and once you do, you're a pistol of a woman