Stepping down16

Hood38mon 5d

As you are all well aware of by now, I am stepping down as Games lobby's most beloved owner.

It's been an absolute pleasure running this lobby, well not really running it more like kinda nudging it once in a while, for the past 2 years of my life.. of course there were many highs and lows and the time I spent here has changed me.

One of the biggest highlights of my time here was the games lobby skype group (s/o to papajacky for that great idea). I met tons of wonderful people and it really was a blast playing minigames nightly or just generally chilling and having tons of fun. Oh and also I loved making banners and picking out cool backgrounds, was a great way of wasting time.

The lows were everything else.

But owning this wonderful lobby has taught me many things, for example I know how to play poker now. I really cant think of anything else I never bothered learning how to play Go or nelson mancala or any of those other weird games.

Now that I think about it, I didn't really learn anything and my time as owner hasn't changed me at all or even been all that much of a pleasure.

In the end it's been nice. I never actually wanted to run this lobby. I'll be honest I wanted it for the fame of being an owner of a stickied lobby and the power to ban anyone I wanted and lemme tell you it was fun banning people sometimes. I also loved abusing the chat ban glitch back in the day those were fun times until it got outlawed by the fun police.

So, goodbye Games lobby It's been fun and I'll make sure to pick an owner that's worse than me so they don't show me up.

just kidding.

destaDec 28, 2016
hood stupid clickbaiter
PsyDec 28, 2016
rest in peace hood ..... you were a great lobby owner and a good friend until you passed away. may your soul rest in peace . god bless
snakegladiatorDec 28, 2016
good meme
69Dec 28, 2016
will buy games lobby from you for $50
BebopDec 28, 2016

Our ownerships here are done, it is high time for us to pass beyond this plane. We've expended our last sources of energy preparing Mr. Marley for his destiny.

The memes are yours, Jamal. The banter, it's all yours. The users; you must guide them, protect them, teach them. Make them great again. This is your mandate.

We must rest now. For ten thousand years we must rest. If error and darkness ever threaten this reality, we will return.

One day, a long time from now, your eyes will close. When they reopen, you will find yourself in a gilded plain of amber grain. I'll be there, Jamal, welcoming you to Elysium.

Goodbye for now, Mr. Owner-elect.
dahliaDec 28, 2016
Hood, you're our only hope.
deletedDec 28, 2016
hood where the FÚCK is the child support payment
quicheDec 28, 2016
Nelson Mancala
sl0ndermanDec 28, 2016
Show hidden posthood memes are by far the worst epicmafia has to offer
ObitoSigmaDec 28, 2016!
Ah! Excellent opportunity for me to learn Poker! Or my favorite card game... 21!

We should have the ability to gamble for tokens in Games Lobby. Of course, you need to buy tokens in order to gamble them.! Ah! Imagine the Games Lobby economy!
deletedDec 28, 2016
I love you hood. If things don't work out with Furansu, send me a pm ;)
ReamixDec 28, 2016
hood really did it
meowmeulinDec 29, 2016
FuransuDec 29, 2016
ballsy u ho
deletedDec 29, 2016
ballsy u ho
Now that I think about, there's probably a good reason he didn't make you owner. Hood is good.
deletedJan 1, 2017
i lov u hood


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