Sitewide Dodge List176

deleted56mon 4d

if you are a new player, or an old player, if you play the game of mafia in any way shape or form, I urge you to not share tables with these players.

The list is a WIP at the moment so I only have one name but I will graciously do the entire player base a huge favor and update it whenever I come across a player so disgustingly atrocious at the game that you owe it to yourself and your parents for all they've done for you to not do this to yourself and share a game with these players.

  1. JM123/JM1234 [Probably the worst player i've come across in my entire 3 year stint on this website, you don't owe yourself the brain aneurysm resulting in joining a game with this player because the only reason he wins games is by incessantly leaning on the skill of other players, when put in a position to rely on his own skill or judgement this player will spaghetti harder than Tatami on a first date]
NeverJestMar 27, 2020
church of joseph or something
OverwatchMar 28, 2020
sitewide doge list

jyshuhuiApr 3, 2020
JM123Apr 3, 2020
will bump when i win the 6th troph
pikananoApr 4, 2020
WALUlGlAug 11, 2020
People still play EM?
JM123Aug 28, 2020
will bump when i win the 6th troph
done lol
YozAug 28, 2020
ayy my boy
YozAug 28, 2020
Fux them haters
murderAug 30, 2020
RedLarch88 careful hes been gting in comp
RipPokkleSep 3, 2020
Dodge me. I suck
bewilderedSep 4, 2020
SpookySep 4, 2020
SHERKSep 5, 2020
only if you are of the female gender
SpookySep 5, 2020
Everyone should dodge me, duh

I don't even have 50% winrate
NeverJestSep 7, 2020
me neither smh

ignore my suis