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Hello all. I am Giga13/Giga/Giga96 ( / / ).

You know when you're in the graveyard in a game and people are debating over what will happen and who will win? I do. That's the fun part of the graveyard, predicting and watching the outcome of the match--sometimes, in the post-game chat, people talk about what should have or could have happened, and how it would have affected the match. However, there sometimes isn't enough time to fully appreciate what happened in a game, and that is therefore a wasted opportunity to learn something (or something more) from it.

Well what if it was really analyzed after it finished? What if something, or something more, could actually have been learned from the game? I will pick one game a week (maximum) to personally analyze through audio format in order to do this for users and in order to help them learn more from the games--and believe me when I say that you do not have to be a part of the match in order to learn from it (this is true throughout much of life as well).

If you would like one of your games analyzed, please post it here. I sadly will not be able to analyze the majority of the ones posted, as they require saving once they are a month old in order to view them, and I will only be doing one a week maximum. So the sooner you post it, the more time you will have to read the game along with my analysis! You need to spend 2 tokens to save the game before one month expires after the end of the game, or else it can no longer be viewed. That is completely optional for you however. Also, there is nowhere where you can see a list of the games you have saved, so I recommend writing it down somewhere or saving the game links somewhere off-site, as even PMs (private messages) expire once you hit around 600 in your inbox.

I will generally prefer to take gold heart games for analysis however, as these games are competitive, generally feature more experienced players, sometimes more difficult setup mods, and usually will have something more to learn from as opposed to the majority of red-heart matches that are played. That being said, I will read them all and choose the ones that I think would be the best for analysis when deciding on which games to use. THE GAME DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF YOUR OWN! Also if you feel uncomfortable posting a game for analysis here, you may private message me on either Giga or Giga13.

A side note: These are generally designed for newer players, but I believe we can all learn from reviewing our wins and losses, not just in mafia but in any game.

Some analyses will be a part of Gigacast if I have time to fit them into the program (see: ), but I will post all of them here regardless as well.

I will post a sample unless I get requests before then, just so you will know what to expect in these. IF I get no requests by December 13th then I will post a sample soon thereafter.

List of Analyses (all games are gold heart unless otherwise specified):

My channel (I will make playlists for certain setups once I have enough videos for that):


  1. Basic Variant -
    (Game: )
  2. frontier justice 2.0 -
    (Game: )
  3. frontier justice 2.0 -
    (Game: )
  4. frontier justice 2.0 -
    (Game: )
  5. B2NS Dawnstart (Handing a Power-Aggressive Mafia) - ( )


  1. Great and Innovative -

Tactics Videos:

  1. No Lawing - (No Game)
  2. Tabbing Into Being Voted - (Game:

  3. Statistics in Mafia Part 1 -

Terminology Videos:

  1. Slip - (No Game)

Videos for New Users:

  1. NEW VIDEO! Game and Lobby User Interface Tutorial -

Other Videos:

  1. I mindfuck myself while attempting to figure out optimal Janitorial 2.0 strategy -

All games expire within 30 days so unfortunately I can't save them since that costs 2 tokens per game. But while they're still viewable, feel free to enjoy them however you'd like!

Giga13Sep 11, 2017
Nice man, I'm good bro, I'm in the final year of my undergrad lol
OrienteeringSep 11, 2017
uh okay, this thing
EdarkSep 11, 2017
Oh damn, what u studying? Im myself taking a bachelors in computer science.
Giga13Sep 11, 2017
double major in music and psych lol

my brother is doing compsci and he likes it so far
deletedSep 11, 2017
dat mindfk vid lol
deletedSep 14, 2017
what the fck giga
Giga13Jan 10, 2018!
EscuraiJan 10, 2018
that windows movie maker opening was ace
deletedJan 10, 2018
Giga I’m your biggest fan let me be in a video with you next time
Giga13Jan 10, 2018!
that windows movie maker opening was ace
honestly idk how it got there or why it was there lol i'm legit trash with editing. took me half an hour to block out what i wanted blocked out on my desktop. also i was talking over myself at the end because originally i couldn't figure out how to stop recording the video rofl
SolucionesJan 12, 2018
this was 2 years ago wtf
alexvauseFeb 15, 2018
lol Giga do more
GigaFeb 15, 2018
link games and i will
Giga13Sep 20, 2018
Thinking about firing this back up at about 1 video a week for those interested in connection with the mentoring program. LMK if you guys think it's a good idea :thumbsup:
SongSep 21, 2018!
100% think it's a good idea. I used some of these to help me get better, and definitely think it'd be interesting to see some more analysis done on games.

Edit: Although can I suggest making them a bit shorter
mukiSep 21, 2018
Thanks Giga you're the best <3 <3 <3
Giga13Sep 25, 2018
I just tried recording a video but the file corrupted or something. Sad. Will try again. Expect something today
Giga13Sep 25, 2018
I haven't set up my camstudio properly since changing hard drives, so I need to rewatch the tutorial and figure that out. I am garbo with software lads
EdarkSep 26, 2018
fkng nerd lol
Giga13Sep 26, 2018!
Internet went down as I was uploading last night, will upload tomorrow as I'm going to the Elton John concert when I'm done class lol. At least the video is recorded! It's a very basic video for new players, but I'll alternate more basic videos with other stuff as well. Sorry guys #Technology