przes58mon 24d


Battlegrounds King: SteelCurtain

Challengers Defeated: *karthikbk (x2)

Battlesnakes King: Lloyd

Challengers Defeated: *SteelCurtain

Boggle King: przes

Challengers Defeated: arenaceous (x2), LiteNinjaY, Sarynade, Splorer (x2), kianal, ChitoseSakuraba, absolutevalue, PonyLove, Wiggaplease, freshman (x3), Telepathy, Benjamin250, nikw98, coaleyes, triasian, DinoWorld, Adorbz, hankob, Melt

Checkers King: przes

Challengers Defeated: Chitose, freshman

Chess King: julianna969,

Challengers Defeated: *Unsuspicious (x2), ShadoNinjaX, karthikbk (x3), powerofdeath, AtlusKun, SteelCurtain (x3)

Connect Four King: karthikbk

Challengers Defeated: *SteelCurtain

His Royal Rexness (Hex King): Splorer

Challengers Defeated: *przes, Angryrobotnoises, Benjamin250, Blazeblack, Cali1Smoove (x6), emmy, lukedukepuke, Melt, Soluciones, Steelcurtain (x2) TreeBeard1 (x3), yellowcat53

Jotto King: Chinatsu

Challengers Defeated: *RubberDuckzilla, skillz (x2), Adorbz (x2) Chitose, Codeslicer, Emmy, PowerofDeath (x3), LukeLukens (x2), TheAsian, ScoobyDooo,She (x2), Smack, PokeguyNXB

Mancala King: Stirn

Challengers Defeated: *SteelCurtain (x4),

Reversi King: przes

Challengers Defeated: LiteNinjaY, TeamAquaGrunt, KrzyGreek, Benjamin250 (x2), DinoWorld, Adorbz, Lichen, Danny7Tanner

Stack it! King: twist

Challengers Defeated: MonadoMasterSh, MrSir, Saika, Vorthos, yorkwarrior, TheCoolOneMC,BadJokeGrape, Devante, dnldsbrw, Kasha, killer123, levizx, Liege, maevey, Orlandeau, pamda (x2), PleaseDonot, Proximity (x3), Saika(x5), winterz (x10), youcheese, klatertots, Splorer, Anna


  • To become a King/Queen is pretty simple: Defeat the current leader in that game and take their spot as royalty
  • When you are King/Queen you MUST play or host the game AT LEAST every 4 days. I am keeping track of each defeated challenger and lazy Kings will be overthrown (I highly suggest you play more than one game per 4 days)
  • To record your result in a game, either comment on this thread or PM me directly. Honesty will usually be fine as I trust most of you guys will be honest about who won, but if there is any doubt I'll probably need a screenshot so you may want to screenshot the result just in case
  • Suicides or kicking will NOT count as a victory UNLESS there is indisputable evidence one side was going to win anyways
  • In games where there can be different setups (Jotto word length, Boggle board etc.) The King/Queen can determine the setup themselves. There is no official setup and it's up to the challengers to defeat them at their best
  • To start, the first person to comment on this thread or PM me the result of a game will be the first King/Queen. Games finished before the creation of this game do not count.
  • Anyone caught cheating will be banished from the Leaderboard


  • Here is link to the original idea thread: https://epicmafia.com/topic/73513
  • If you are King/Queen and would rather be called something else (Duke, Prince, Ruler, Emperor etc.) that is completely ok just let me know
  • Likewise, if you want to rename your "Challengers Defeated" to something else like "Peasants, Civilians etc." that is also ok, just let me know and make sure it's appropriate
  • I will be updating this thread every time I log onto EM so that will usually be daily, however I can get a bit busy at times so it may take longer.
  • I realize there are many more games out there to play, however this is just the beginning and I want to keep it smaller and more simple for now
  • (x#) represents the number of times that challenger has been defeated by the current King/Queen
  • (*) represents the previous King/Queen that has been defeated
  • Good luck everyone!!! Have fun!
StirnDec 20, 2015
Beat ballsy x1 at mancala
deletedJan 26, 2016
Erm...has this been updated? Like ever?
VolleyApr 24, 2016
I would like to challenge the Battle Snakes and Connect Four King!
ShrubMay 1, 2016
I'd like to challenge the mancala king
SorbahMay 4, 2016!
I just looked through 5 days of games history and Splorer hasn't played Hex I demand a dethronement.
deletedSep 27, 2017
i'd like to battle the jotto king
OrienteeringSep 29, 2017
what about likmynut for jotto?

also, what about tiramisu?
xelaNov 4, 2017
tillieDec 8, 2017
bryce1997 is the games king
k9tripJan 25, 2018
I challenge Juilianna69 to chess 10 mins random, PM me lets set up a time!
deletedFeb 14, 2018
ill challenge anyone at battlegrounds or jotto
SheriffisbackintownAug 18, 2019!
NanomiteAug 20, 2019
It's been 45 months and I'm still the unchallenged jotto king