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hello i am scum and you can be too

There is nothing wrong with userscripts, and unless you're a jackass there is also nothing detectable about userscripts. A userscript is not a "hidden link." A "hidden link" script is any unseen script executed via a link (such as through img or url tags).

A userscript is a script that you choose to run and that only runs for you yourself. One example of a userscript is emjack, which provides handy features not providing any unfair influence over the game but simply improving your experience. Such features include /ping (as opposed to copying every name manually) and automatically selecting the mafia icon for partners in the mafia meeting so that you can more easily recall them (as opposed to doing so manually).

Public versions of emjack have and will never support fake quoting or other actual exploits. Autokick isn't even properly supported, although autokicking is not an exploit. What's the difference between a script quickly kicking someone and the host quickly kicking someone? As far as you can prove, nothing. Mere conjecture.

If you would like to use emjack, you can add it with tampermonkey or something. Nothing about it can be detected as it only serves to offer a layer of user-friendliness that em should.

DuppiAug 25, 2014
time to spam invites
adminAug 25, 2014
you'll only be able to invite friends
NitroxiumAug 25, 2014
PtrolApr 22, 2020
ok how do I use this autokick you're talking about
USAApr 22, 2020
1. Open up Notepad
2. Type in Names of people you want to kick
3. When people join your game, see if they're on your list
3.1 If on list, kick them
3.2 If not on list, do not kick them
PtrolApr 22, 2020
you make me angry USA
USAApr 22, 2020
haha i've never used the script before but there's gotta be somewhere to put some names
sl0ndermanApr 22, 2020
autokick was removed from emjack because it was Not Friendly
aquariusApr 22, 2020
Hey foxie, I can just build this into the game... If it is ok with you and everyone? We can have moderators decide on which features should be included, and I'll hack it in by the end of the month. I'll have to redo the in game view anyhow, as I am building a mobile web version of the lobby and mafia game ATM.
yeah remember when this didn't happen?
deletedApr 23, 2020
shіt from the enhancement suite got added tho and that's partly emjack