Whitelist Request Thread1,153

MeIody69mon 17d

Getting the "This computer has been registered by xxx" message and need a whitelist? Just post here to be whitelisted! Please also tell us why you need the request--perhaps you share an apartment with an EM'er or the site is registering your computer with some other random user.

Thank you!!! Enjoy your time on EpicMafia :)

Drawing courtesy of Godmother

vegetableiscoolJan 8, 2020
Show hidden postLittlebear and I share the same apartment plz whitelist us :)
Show hidden postMe and japanesecurrency share the same apartment plz whitelist us.
deletedJan 17, 2020
Show hidden postfree yeasayer
JuliJan 18, 2020
Show hidden postHi! xWindx asked me to request a whitelist for him so that he and his girlfriend, Anjuh, can play.
vegetableiscoolJan 22, 2020
Show hidden postplease whitelist me and bearhunter thx!
Songin1mon 27d
Show hidden postRequested and completed for a group of friends:

bumpycloud1mon 17d
Show hidden postthis account n elsies
FlySpy25d 8h
sIeepless12d 22h
Show hidden postme and alive
egg0s11d 13h!
Show hidden postcan i please be whitelisted, i am trying to play with a friend in the same house on same IP address wifi
overcat6d 12h
Show hidden postHello, fellow epicmafians. I introduced two of my friends to this game

Socks 114 and LuciferButternubs and because we are trying to log in from the same location sadness ensues.

So could you whitelist them please?

(Because would like to play with friends)
nightmarex4d 17h
Show hidden postnightmarex and Origen please!

and mathwizardaz i guess
asumi3d 14h
Show hidden postHi my friend pandahugs wants to play mafia with me.

so pandahugs and asumi