Classic Mafia

This setup is the good old one ;)
almost 11 years A multi-setup that incorporates "Classic Mafia". For those who want CM with a twist. It's less complicated than it looks and ultimately just has 2 PR's/2 Scum/3 Blues with a Dawn Start.
almost 11 years
I can't believe I've played this 1512 times (like a freakin nerd) and still suck at this shit.
deletedover 10 years
Put an 8th person in this setup so people don't complain about the mylo, make it a real game.
deletedover 10 years
@Pok that's like making it have a ml.
deletedalmost 10 years
ABC is back.
almost 10 years
almost 9 years
I love how idiots say this is townsided when fancy pants has a higher town win rate.
almost 9 years
over 8 years
about 7 years
tbh I prefer guns and hookers more
about 7 years
over 6 years

Awesome job, you found the Pansy!

Here is your next clue:
Your on a role, so here's a suggestion, to find your next clue seek out the beautiful evil.
about 6 years
guys i found the pansy