Sex, Lies and Brutality

Mafia have recently brought in a Thug to help with their monopolising of the Town, and within days has managed to subdue and end the Masonhood which used to operate in the area. The Hooker is still working the streets, and she has two new clientelle; a pair of Cops on the Don's payroll. While they will not officially try to bring in the Mafia, they are ultimately helping the Town. The Disguiser lies amidst the chaos, but the corrupted Cops know each other very well and so do some of the Townsfolk, so he needs to don his disguises carefully. The Private Detective is the only salvation of the Town, but the paranoid Villagers may not feel like they can trust him, will he become the Hero they need? Or is he also on the Mafia's payroll? Or not even really a Cop? Maybe he is just enjoying the Hooker's fine company. Sex, Lies and Brutality are what the peoples of this Town fear will overcome them, you decide whether it does. (Expanded version of Sex and Lies - Credit to Dragoan for conceptualisation)
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deletedover 13 years
about 12 years
Hahahahahaha the description XD .5 chance of being blue doesn't sound so fun though.
almost 12 years
Glad you enjoyed it =P And Blue was, is and will always be my favourite role =)