A Ton of Fakes

Expect a ton of faking...
over 13 years
this is currently, 1.3/1/1. is that good?
over 13 years
I approve of this setup and hope it stays comp forever. Fuck yeah no reveal
over 13 years
The description needs to be better. At least include the fact that Stalker should stalk the kill; for some reason, not everyone realizes that.
deletedover 13 years
Expect a ton of faking .
over 13 years
Expect a ton of faking is a great description and shouldn't be changed. It inform us what to do as mafia and as town with perfection.
over 13 years
Lucid I love this setup but this is like the 5th round that it has been competitive, isnt it about time to mix things up a bit
deletedalmost 13 years
This seutp creates a ton of paranoia in the town that mafia can use to their advantage.

Only thing I'd like is a leader/oracle/lk, something that would signify what died, because without that it becomes a guessing game on what is dead or not.
almost 13 years
I think that's what the bald dude is for, Differential.