• If present in the game, there will be a famine and everyone will start with 3 bread
  • Turkeys are immune to the famine.
  • If shot/lynched, everyone gets 1 piece of turkey. (Turkey acts the same as bread)
  • Wins if turkeys outnumber the rest of the players
about 5 years
Let me rewrite:

If turkey is in the game, triggers famine aka dead baker, everyone with 3 breads

Turkey is immune to famine, so after few days it will win

When turkey is killed, everyone will get 1 bread, aka game will last 1 more day/night
about 5 years
This doesn't make sense.
about 5 years
Turkeys be like Turkey Noises
about 5 years
*T U R K E Y N O I S E S *
about 5 years
Gobble Gobble
over 5 years