Jack the Ripper
  • Can kill once a night
  • Needs to kill all murderers in the game after 1 full day has passed in the game
  • Sided with itself
over 4 years
This literally is the worst role description I have ever read on this site. What classifies as a 'murderer'? If someone shoots someone with a gun during the day, are they a murderer? What about lynching? Many would say that capital punishment is murder. So is everyone who lynches someone a murderer? I literally cannot believe this was made into an official role.
about 5 years
how am i supposed to do this in sandboX??
about 5 years
butterfly resets role status, why would that reset win conditions? like that makes some sense but if that's the case then butterfly needs to be fixed too.
about 5 years
PrinceAltoid, one full day would be end of D1. You would have won, however, the butterfly was lynched so your win condition was reset.
about 5 years
personal suggestion for the role description (and possibly fix for the role):

- Chooses one player each night
- Kills that player
- Wins if all other killing roles within the game are dead, or if one of the last 2 alive

a role like this would be cool, it's a nice, unique take on killer that actually invokes strategy and not just killing blindly and trying to joint with mafia. however, you really gotta get rid of that "after 1 full day has passed" crap entirely, that would never work in a standard 12-player sandbox setup.
about 5 years

6-man game with butterfly, invisible, snowman, friendly cop, and whistleblower. i, as jack the ripper, killed the whistleblower n1. the game continued on without me being awarded the victory despite the only other murderer in the game being dead within the passing of one full day.

i was also unable to kill anybody else on nights beyond n1.

role doesn't work, description doesn't make sense, and nobody likes it. fix it or remove it, lucid.
over 5 years
kill all killers after day 1 LOL
good luck winning with this in sandbox
over 5 years
over 5 years
description dont make cents
over 5 years
This is my baby. I love him. I love u lucid. i love everyone. i have no shame. Murder murder murder yay.
over 5 years