• Every night searches the trash for a new item.
  • If not disturbed during the night, will receive the item the next day.
  • If killed, one of the killers will receive all the items
  • Sided with the village
about 5 years
I downvote this role. It has no competitive use, and isnt funny enough to be loved in random setup
deletedabout 5 years
credit meeeeeee
also in the desc i wrote, items can be bread, vests, guns, snowballs, crystals, keys, or knives
over 5 years
Why doesn't this get notified when it gets an item?
over 5 years
no. He's a worse selfish version of trickster
over 5 years
can he find anarchist bombs and fake items
over 5 years
hi i lived in this era
over 5 years
over 5 years
description should say what items he can find