• Shares a night meeting with all other Templars.
  • Sided with the Village.

In popular setups

Take Me To Granny's played 12,640 times
kill all mods (STBS) played 3,434 times
Take Me To Church © played 1,372 times
over 7 years
Someone in this game claimed to be Templar and said he got detective reports (even after the game), was recognized as a hostile third by the game, and his role didn't show up when he was lynched at the end. Weird af https://epicmafia.com/game/5174285
deletedabout 8 years
This role was literally made for sandbox, its really OP in closed roles setups.
about 11 years
The Password is Hooker
over 11 years
Templars should be 3rd party that pretend to be town. And there should be Assassins role. Town sided and if Assassin visit templar it kills him.
over 11 years
It's good to see this.
over 11 years
I love how this only got 9 votes, while about 300 other role suggestions have hundreds, are more useful, and are left to rot.
over 11 years
This is basically what every other site calls a Mason. I'm glad this exists.
deletedover 11 years
yawn, the whole point was to replace the usage of naive cop in setups where the goal was to basically have masons without the power to mason....
deletedover 11 years
At least make him a third part again, he is FUCKING POINLESS AS VILLAGER. If I wanted a town role that meet at night, I would just add some useless investigative role that meets at night (aka naive cop).
over 11 years
i love how they changed what he was supposed to do to this bad role because they couldnt work out the coding
over 11 years
Hey look. Im a role that no one likes and was only accepted as an official role because it requires little coding. Oh yeah! Im like a mason except im not.
over 11 years
this role is kind of stupid just sayin
over 11 years
Ketto: masons that don't mason. Basically, you're a blue that knows who the other blues are.
over 11 years
Did the description of this change? I don't see the point of it at all.
almost 13 years
Interesting Honibaz, they would know he was shot, and he could claim granny or bp... interesting indeed.
deletedabout 13 years
i quite like this role, it really does make maf and village not want to kill him,but then this would give the Third party a huge advantage
about 13 years
Does the "shot" count gunsmith and hunter shots?
Ex.1: A fool shoots the templar with a gun during the day. Does the templar become killer from that point on?
Ex.2A hunter shoots the templar during the day. Does the templar become maf from that pint on?
about 13 years
If the mafia shoot him, they will know he's converted to vig and will probably die the next day.
about 13 years
I'm not sure why you consider this a Templar, but I like the idea
about 13 years
Sounds fun. Someone you don't want to shoot, like granny, but doesn't completely screw you over if you do.