• Carries one gun that can be shot during the day.
  • Identity will not be revealed when the gun is shot.
  • Does not attend mafia meetings.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

JFK Assassination V3 played 33,511 times
Hollywood Delusions played 3,281 times
M.L.G. played 765 times
Courtroom played 479 times
TEO with guns V8 played 424 times
TEO with Guns 6 played 389 times
Ruin The Christmas 2 played 381 times
A Shot at Justice played 287 times
Ruin the Christmas played 270 times
Hollywood Epic played 223 times
deletedabout 9 years
._. gs gun shouldn't override sniper gun
over 11 years
Needs to be in meetings. Meetings happen at night, not at day when his job is done.
about 12 years
Professionals have standards

Be polite
Be efficient
And have a plan to kill everyone you meet
over 12 years
It doesn't work like that, Rai. Sniper would shoot the clear then. Lol.
You build the setup around the Sniper btw, not all setups are dumb enough to have whispers. In fact, whispers are a dying breed.
Sniper added to the meeting would probably be OP, sooo...
over 12 years
Probobly needs to be in the Mafia meeting. As it stands, it's useless until a cop or something claims, and then, after that one-use, it becomes effectivly a traitor which counts towards mafia win, instead of town.

And in setups with Sniper cops can just ask their clears to relay the reports, so they're not sniper bait.
over 12 years
So he attends the town meeting, manages to pull out a sniper rifle during the meeting and shoots someone without anyone knowing who shot. LOL
over 12 years
>shoot bomb
>the universe alters the composition of "sniper rifles" temporarily into explodium
>dead sniper
over 12 years
over 12 years
For role icons from before, here:
almost 13 years
it should be able to take out the bomb and granny safely
almost 13 years
What about bomb? Could the sniper kill the bomb safely?
about 13 years
also, sniper can shoot bp and granny
about 13 years
i just tried to make a sniper role but it wouldn't let me and i found yours :)

what if sniper doesn't have to be given a gun... he just has one at the beginning of each game. sniper gets one shot the entire game and shoots from a secure location.

sided with the village****???

people need to +k this role
about 13 years
well, it could really mess up regular setups too.
about 13 years
Hmm, I like it, its very situational and only applies to a very specific set of setups, but I like it.