• Visits one person every night.
  • Discovers what items they have at the start of day phase.
  • Can see Mason and Cultist robes.
  • Can see Miller, Insane, Paranoid, and Naive suits.
  • Can see Sheriff, Deputy, Sniper guns and Bulletproof vests.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Negative development played 279 times
It's Balanced You Just Suck played 210 times
Thiefster Multi played 203 times
over 6 years
why tf do i get this role everytime
about 11 years
Why isn't the icon Snoop Dogg?
over 11 years
Should see if items are fake/sabbed or not.
over 12 years
Since when does Framer have a gun?
over 12 years
I asked it to be changed cause I thought it was an eyesore.
over 12 years
The maroon shirt was better imho. If lucid was gonna change a role icon, he should have changed my journalist icon to the not-so-tall one. This one was perfectly fine as it was.
over 12 years
Why was this role icon changed? What was wrong with the maroon?
over 12 years
over 12 years
lol i dont care at all man
over 12 years
Sorry about that. I'll give you credit then. I'll tell Lucid to give the role to you once it's made, albeit with my description.
over 12 years
>mfw i made the role first, name was stolen, and i lose credit ;_;
over 12 years
The icon needs to be Sonic the Hedgehog, so that he can go snooping as usual.
over 12 years
This is pretty dumb...

We need a one/two shot role-modifier capability and an even/odd day role-modifier capability.
over 12 years
snoop sounds like a mafia name imo
over 12 years
I like Godot's suggestion. Upgrading it.
over 12 years
I think it means which it is in possession of, and which it has received on the night of investigation.
over 12 years
Aww, I was gonna make this role, but I was trying to make the name something that related to the employee in charge of inventory in a company (but I couldn't think of the name).
And Godot, I think it's any items the target has, and any items they received that night. Not any they used to have.
Although, I think it should be only one item that they have/they received.
over 12 years
"Has and has recieved"

clear it up.

"Finds out what items the target has and used to have"