• Can speak as a chosen target, to another chosen target during the day.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Ventage Point played 123 times
almost 5 years
did the mechanics change? it looks like you can see when you are vented now
over 6 years
Best use? Whisper to people as themselves. Makes em question their sanity.

It is worth noting I've only used Vent in sandbox.
about 9 years
That moment when thulud is vented
deletedover 9 years
Ventriloquist was allowed in Comp lobby, but not in Training lobby, but then when the lobbies were merged to create Main Lobby for some reason it was forgotten.... Please correct this mistake and bring back this classic role
deletedover 9 years
I love you, ventriloquist.
deletedalmost 10 years
you know what's op as fuck? vent+voodoo
almost 11 years
best role, unless a troll gets it. It is best used by a person who wants to actually use it right.
deletedabout 11 years
This was was my idea fyi
over 11 years
It's not overpowered if you know how to counter it. Thus far, I've countered vents by using leaky whispers. It's also useless against criers.
over 11 years
This role is a troll role, you can use it to make other players look like a dickhead. People actually still believe you said stuff even though they can see the vent was in setup at the end of the game.
almost 12 years
Actually it's a nice role, need more up
deletedalmost 12 years
Vent not being able to quote what he vented needs to be fixed.
deletedalmost 12 years
If the vent can't quote his own ventings, then asking everyone to quote an obviously vented sentence will reveal the vent to everyone.
about 12 years
This role is so fun and over powered. I was lynching townees all day :P
about 12 years
useless. It is annoying, and does little for the strategy of the game.
over 12 years
Should be removed. Cuz it's not that useful...
almost 13 years
deletedalmost 13 years
Getting a bit pointless with "flash to confirm" etc...
almost 13 years
Role requires tons of skill to use successfully. k+
about 13 years
the bubbles ruin it
about 13 years
I do love this role...
about 13 years
I don't like this role...
about 13 years
Somewhat overpowered for now. It makes mafia too dominant in ranked games but fun for the whole family in unranked games.
about 13 years
SOmebody make a wiki page for this