• Can only be lynched if every village member votes for them.
  • Sided with the mafia

In popular setups

reverse hammer played 128 times
over 5 years
Fillibuster can be lynched if there is a tree in the game.
about 7 years
Can filibuster be lynched if there is a tree in the game?
deletedabout 7 years
Filibuster requires town to not be stupid, and if filibuster is lynched it can show where 3rd parties/maf are, requiring more strategic play from both sides.
over 7 years
This is stupid.
over 7 years
Useless in lylo since that's needed anyway, useless in mylo since town will nl anyway, kinda useless in ml since they will be confirmed the next day (at least is wastes the ml, so there's that). Unless i'm missing something with the mechanics of it.
over 7 years
How does Governor work with this
over 7 years
You could say simply by all town members.