• Each night chooses one person.
  • If that person is lynched the next day, the warlock has predicted correctly.
  • The warlock wins if he/she predicts correctly two times.

In popular setups

A Lesson in Oration played 652 times
No one loves us. played 525 times
F-U-N played 128 times
Independence  played 107 times
about 10 years
over 10 years
Make a setup with this role in it... nvm I'll do it myself.
over 10 years
Warlock is a great role. It's like lyncher, but hard mode. And there's the option to be a fool.
over 10 years
deletedover 10 years
almost 11 years
literally hardest role to win with
almost 11 years
lol this role with jailer
almost 11 years
Impossible to win.
deletedabout 11 years
terrible. lyncher only double as hard
over 11 years
deletedover 11 years
im gay
almost 12 years
i don't like warlock!
about 12 years
Warlock can pick no one... What the hell
about 12 years
Looks nothing like Magnus Bane. :/
deletedabout 12 years
LOOOOOOVE for da warlock
about 12 years
1 year since last comment.

Show the warlock some love?
about 13 years
this is my favorite role :D
over 13 years
I think it's the best role icon existent.
over 13 years
v it can oõ
over 13 years
Warlock should be able to pick nl, but yeah, useless role
over 13 years
Man I feel really damn lucky that i've won with warlock the first time i played it. Guessed right lynch first time then got the town to lynch me d2.
over 13 years
<3 this role
almost 14 years
Near-useless role. I swear I won't complain if you remove it.
deletedalmost 14 years
i literally am the best all who say i am lame must die a bloody death
almost 14 years
I hate this. I've not won as warlock EVER.