• Visits one person each night.
  • If that person does not visit, the Survivor hides in their home and cannot be targeted.
  • Dies if their chosen person dies that night.
  • Wins if alive at the end of the game.

In popular setups

A Lesson in Oration played 652 times
No one loves us. played 525 times
Fancy Points  played 189 times
Independence  played 107 times
almost 9 years I don't get this, night 4 survivor visits tree and gets killed. O.O
over 10 years
Yes, if he visits he granny survivor dies.
almost 11 years
If he hides behind the Granny does he die? Because that means the granny shoots him, yet since he hid behind a non visiting role he should die. What about if he successfully hides and a WW tries to eat him and guesses correctly?
about 11 years
i love hiding behind that tree
almost 12 years
Should be able to survive famine imo
about 13 years
Survivors are quite fun if you know what the fuck to do with them, instead of going HURP DERP HIDE BEHIND CONFIRMED COP HURP DERP.
over 13 years
survivors are terrible at hammering in a lylo :P
over 13 years
The tribe has spoken, it's time for you to go.
over 13 years
oh that makes sense thank you :D
over 13 years
Don't get killed if hiding behind someone and the survivor gets shot
over 13 years
i dont get the point of hiding behind ppl? can anyone help me out with that lol?