• Appears as villager to self.
  • If visited during the night, it will reveal all visitors, but only one mafia. The order is random.
  • When whispered, the whisper always leaks.
  • Cannot be silenced by a Silencer.
  • Will not be alerted if visited by a Ninja.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Sweet Dreams played 3,926 times
Jingle all the Way played 3,888 times
Thriller played 3,117 times
Fisher Price DLYV played 673 times
Thriller played 461 times
Guiser perfected played 165 times
Not Fancy Pants! played 144 times
Official Forest Fire played 113 times
Take Me to Jail played 108 times
Shut The Fuck Up and Lynch played 105 times
about 5 years
nadaaver 87mon 27d
it was actually supposed to reveal the roles who visited, not the people. oh well.

Hello? Lucid?
almost 7 years
Ninja can already shoot bomb without getting killed, so how are they able to kill loudmouth without getting called out? The role description I believe should be changed to: when whisperING, the whisper always leaks.
over 9 years
LOUDMOUTH: When visited during the night, will reveal all visitors. --- Does anyone else see the word "ALL" there? If that isn't what the role does, the description must be changed.
about 12 years
Fun Fact, driver doesn't wake up Loudmouth
deletedabout 12 years
why can't it get masoned....
over 12 years
I won 2 of the games for loudmouth
over 12 years
It even gets ninja when he visits. WHAT THE EFF.
over 12 years
It's okay.. my Zombie role wasn't made exactly as I made it out to be. I feel your pain! Oh well!
over 12 years
it was actually supposed to reveal the roles who visited, not the people. oh well.
deletedover 12 years
Negged. has the potential to be a role but is plagued by shitty mechanics. remove the appears as blue to self part and make it so that mafia isn't outted when they kill the loudmouth.
over 12 years
Personally I like this icon better. Looks more unique.
over 12 years
Nadaaver didn't make a transparent background. That's probably why Lucid chose mine.
over 12 years
holy shit this icon is fucking horrible, naad's is better
deletedover 12 years
See my below comment. That's how the role should have been.
over 12 years
its an autowin for town if loudmouth is killed. :/ too overpowered
over 12 years
I like it :) Alternate names, maybe The Gossip?
deletedover 12 years
Needs to be changed:

-Appears as villager to self
-When investigated, appears as villager
-Chooses a person at night
-Publicizes that person's system message the next day (maybe add 50% chance?)
-Sided with the village

Also you're welcome nadaaver. I badgered lucid about this :p
deletedover 12 years
I do like it to OP could let mafia know town roles and let town know mafia/3rds now cool negged sorry
over 12 years
Maybe you shouldn't let it reveal anything if they die at night, because then this role would be too powerful.
over 12 years
-Appears as villager to self and when orc'ed or revealed.
-Cannot be tailored.
-When investigated always appears inno, wether it naive cop, detective, etc.
- If visited HE gets a message of who visited him. If killed he will be able to shout to town from the graveyard for 1 line only. half the line in a random order will be jibberish.
-If whispered it will always leak. But once again half will be jibberish
-Sided with village.
over 12 years
It sorta does autoclear, even if it's revealed as a system message. Imagine Player X is the loudmouth and Y and Z visit them. Y and Z get revealed as having visited the loudmouth. One of them could be maf, and thus now knows the LM. So, the best thing is for LM to claim. LM now claims, and can't be effectively cc'd without revealing another maf.
over 12 years
Make it doesn't reveal if she dies.
over 12 years
I would still like the visitor's roles to be revealed. Just have a system message like Brobat's suggestion that also reveals their roles.
over 12 years
if the loudmouth dies, i mean.
over 12 years
in a game with two mafia, it's basically just autowin for town =/