Party Host
  • Throws a wild party once a game.
  • Everyone who is alive will be invited.
  • Everyone will be sharing a night meeting.
  • All night actions and such go on as per normal.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

mist played 554 times
party host farm played 116 times
over 5 years
ya what they said
over 6 years
rename it "the Gatsby", and the death message read "was found shot dead in their pool."
over 7 years
the icon looks like he's giving the finger
over 9 years
PartyHost 2.0 - Can choose upto 5 people to join them in a party once per game.
about 10 years
I won't be fully satisfied until this is renamed the Gatsby, and the death message reads "was found shot dead in their pool."
over 10 years
this is bad
over 10 years
party is just so the town roles without meetings can talk at night
deletedover 10 years
what is the point of party if mafia can still have their own meeting. take it back please
over 10 years
over 10 years
There are a few bugs, and a few things that would be nice to change.

1. The party host can throw more than 1 party in one game, I don't know how many, but we got 2 once.

2. Whispers should probably be turned off, since it kinda ruins the "Mafia can't talk about the kill" vibe.
over 10 years
this still isn't added?
about 11 years
If there are 4 people in the meeting, 2 mafia, the host and a tree, the mafia would just kill the host and win. People would not be anonymous, it is exactly like the daytime phase except with the various night actions which need to be performed.
about 11 years
but it would say you had 4 people in the meating and say you have a tree... that insttnly makes 2 clears the party host and the tree the outher two all they ahve to do is say their name and then the maf our found....good role but it can revel that maf all you ahve to do is say who you are in the meeting
over 11 years
u could just get a code at night
over 11 years
A few people here are worried about it automatically outing the Mafia. I don't think it necessarily has to do that. Everything should just be anonymous like the Jailer, and it would all work out fine. In fact, it would give the town the interesting chance to talk about the previous days events without the mafia seeing.

I really like this role for the reason that it would be fun for blues and could actually add another dynamic to the game.
over 11 years
@Fabio, I don't see the similarities between this and LK. LK causes darkness during the day, meaning nobody knows who is talking. Party Host would have everyone talking together normally at night, allowing the town to discuss what is happening among other things.
over 11 years
I agree with fabio and slepz, etc.
over 11 years
Is basically just LK, no upvote no downvote.
over 12 years
this role would only work in sandbox. Obviously the most protown thing to do is just shut up. It would be an OP lightkeeper for the night.
over 12 years
Rename this 'Pinkie Pie' =P
But in all seriousness, I love it.
over 12 years
@Joe, everyone in the town is invited, mafia may not be town-sided, but they're still a part of the town.

@Darwin I would say town sided, as I couldn't think of a feasible win condition for it.
over 12 years
I think that this could be more than just sandbox role seeing as it prevents mafia from making any plans during night. Is it town sided or third-party btw?
over 12 years
You said all town roles are invited. However, this means that all nontown roles are immediately outed unless they are claiming a PR
over 12 years
this role, fuck yeah.
over 12 years
make it look like pauly dee.