• Picks two people night one, entagling them in love.
  • Both the chosen players recieve a message d1, informing them who they've been paired with.
  • The chosen players retain their roles but also act as lovers.
  • Cupid wins if both players survive until the end of the game.
about 8 years
You can delay your picking target night as cupid, by picking same players in both meeting at night.
So just wait till there are 5 or 6 players left
Then pick your couple
Easier win
over 8 years
Role is broken. N1 Cupid targetted 2 people, but died. Both people survive till the end and nothing happens for his win
over 8 years
over 8 years
Role is broken, Cupid is assigned with town if they die before they get to pick targets
Cupid is lynched before they get to choose two people and they win regardless
deletedover 8 years
It seems right now both players cupided have to be of opposite factions. Should be fixed.
over 8 years
More like a better Mistletoe
deletedover 8 years
so just mistletoe but has more free will