• Will receive a dream at the start of every day phases.
  • The dream can tell a tale of 3 people, at least one of whom is mafia or the dream can tell a tale of one person whom is innocent.
  • Does not dream if visited at night.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Sweet Dreams played 3,926 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
Andrea played 1,044 times
Dream, Stalk & Watch played 178 times
almost 5 years
Roleblocked nilla prevented dreamer from getting a tale,pls fix this asap. also i believe ninja can do that as well which is disappointing.
over 5 years
According to statistics, this role is coded in this way:
If you dream and there are 3 mafias left

25% chance you would get a trust dream
25% chance you would get a dream with 1 maf
25% chance you would get a dream with 2 mafs
25% chance you would get a dream with 3 mafs
almost 7 years
about 7 years
comment "freefall" on my profile! - hurt & heal
deletedabout 8 years
https://epicmafia.com/game/4825131 dreamer doesn't get a report in gy when killed by ninja
almost 11 years
Dreamer gets 2 people that he thinks one is maf but both are town.
I think the role might be a bit broken.
about 11 years
Miller appears innocent to dreamer.
almost 12 years
Werewolf appears as guilty.
almost 12 years

So game listed both 3rds (Alien and WW) and the bomb. No maf. We ended up lynching the bomb because of the assumption. Is listing 3rd party in the dream even intentional now?
about 12 years
Talk about unoriginal. Stealing it from Cry_Wolf!
over 12 years
When all maf are dead and there's still a third party role that can win, Dreamer will continue to get dreams that lists 2 living people and a blank space where a 3rd name should be. I am not sure if it clears anyone but it didn't list the third party guy for the two nights I was alive for it.
over 12 years
I love this role so much<3
over 12 years
Delete this role.
over 12 years
Bad role.
over 12 years
Luck Based Power Roles = Bad. For normal power roles you look at the town and then investigate based on what you believe. This one sits around and gets free information without an input from the player. I dislike it and am a little upset this would get added before other more interesting roles.
over 12 years
It's like a "soft" pr. Could be used to balance a setup that is maf sided, but another pr would ruin it.
over 12 years
seems too random, not viable in anything except unranked
over 12 years
I like this because if there are multiple dreamers, it allows them to "compare notes," and if anyone shows up several times, they're probably mafia.
over 12 years
Also, did you make it where Millers don't appear as mafia in these dreams? And framed people? And Godfathers DO appear as mafia?
deletedover 12 years
Nice Cry Wolf role.
over 12 years
Description should be more explicit in saying how the 3 people are chosen, eg.,
Will have a dream each night.
The dream will tell a tale of 3 different people chosen from any player alive or dead, at least one of whom is mafia.
Dreamer does not dream if visited at night.
Sided with the village.
over 12 years
Cry Wolf!
over 12 years
Not too shabby, does the dream contain people in the graveyard?