• Visits one person every night.
  • That person will be protected from dying that night.
  • Does not attend mafia meetings.
  • Sided with the mafia.
about 6 years
quack more like kek
over 7 years
q u e c k
deletedabout 8 years
quack can't save people from jail hits https://epicmafia.com/game/4824982
about 9 years
Anyone who thinks this should attend night meetings has probably never played a setup with this and the yakuza in it.
over 9 years
still a bad role
almost 10 years
Just because he can save someone,it doesn't mean he HAS to save every time morons! He should be saving the maf who are confirmed like after lynching an orc who was on a maf, or when maf CCs a PR and that PR is lynched.
about 10 years
maf doc who protects town bc he doesn't know who is maf. what even
over 10 years
This is fine the way it is. If it meets with other maf it is way overpowered. Also, useful in games with two different mafia, killer, vig, etc.
deletedover 10 years
This role is stupid, why would you want to protect someone from dying when you're mafia?
about 11 years
why the fuck doesnt this attend mafia meetings thats so arbitrarily dumb
over 11 years
Should attend mafia meetings. And should be able to use his power only once.
deletedover 11 years
im gay
deletedover 11 years
why is this at only 10 points this role isn't that bad...you dumb bitches are just jealous
over 11 years
Really should attend mafia meetings. Then it would be fine.
about 12 years
Quack claims cop/det in variants. One of my favorite roles.
deletedover 12 years
I disagree.
over 12 years
This role kinda needs a buff, it's not really useful enough at the moment.
over 12 years
maf doc is a pretty common concept outside of em.
over 12 years
I don't really like the concept of a mafia-sided doctor, although I suppose it's like a traitor with a benefit really. Meh, I guess I'll have to experiment and see. It can be a part of the scum meeting, although it's a different type of role if it isn't which I think works better because it has to scumhunt to find the people it should be saving. Obviously, people wouldn't make setups with a quack and a yak.
over 12 years
The Quack should be able to participate in mafia meetings. The way to fix this role from being OP'ed is to make it unable to protect Yakuza. It's too weak as it is right now.
over 12 years
This is why Quack should be able to participate in the mafia meetings:

over 12 years
>mfw I'm in maf meetings and I can't heal
over 12 years
Quack DOES meet with maf.


With that, he's way too overpowered for the game he's pretty much made for.
over 12 years
this actually a really useless role, its just a traitor doc, which to me, is nothing special
deletedover 12 years