The Beloved Leader of the People's Republic of China, just having a sortie with my comrades.
Forbidden City, Beijing
almost 11 years
Honestly, how was it playing incapable of seeing chat the whole entire game due to me fiddling you each night? Did it reduce the fun of the game? Why did you stick it out for so long? I was not aware that you were the Angel. With the lack of Naughty & Nice reports, I figured that you were Santa. That was the only reason I had continued to fiddle you. I was trying to deny the reports.
almost 11 years
the link redirects everyone to their own profile
over 11 years
+k for communism
deletedalmost 12 years
We are all one.
deletedalmost 12 years
J/S, fuck all those faggots who give you shit about your avi. "Communist this, Communist that." They fail to realize that a true Marxist Communist state hasn't ever existed.

And Amerifags have some really fucked world views.
over 12 years
-k. You know why. You know. No hard feelings, though.