New Jersey

SupBraaaahSup !?

If you're going to give me negative karma, do grow the balls to post an explanation as to why.

Note that if I don't use correct grammar or punctuation, that I am either vented or disguised.

I am nice to those who do not piss me off with stupidity.

If I die night one and Weekay is in the game, NOT ALL THE TIME, though, most likely he is mafia. :3

Best Buddies; Weekay, Sonseray, Natty, aminaaa, and joshlovespara <33

about 7 years
+k for liking cats
deletedabout 7 years
yea good game your pretty cool
about 7 years
it's a note. i explained why. we use notes as insurance where we don't really feel like it was worthy of a vio, but we aren't 100% so we say "this is why i noted it" in case a similar situation happens again. it'll expire on it's own in a month but if in 2 weeks you don't get a vio or anything i'll just remove it considering you don't seem like someone who is trying to break rules
about 7 years
yea its not that bad i guess...i mean i don't have a choice anyways right hahaa
about 7 years
Ayy Yeah! Everything's been good. Hope everything is good on your end too brah
about 7 years
i'm on summa break haha! thank god. but, i go back in the fall -___-
about 7 years
Like university
about 7 years
nicenice. i'm from northern side where some musicians actually originated XD. r u in uni?
about 7 years
ya im around the area ;). u from the north or south side? i just used the reference for fun XD!
about 7 years
u must be jerseylicious! haha welcome to the jersey clan ;)
about 7 years
omg ur a jersey gal?
about 7 years
finally friends
over 8 years
hey stranger!
over 9 years
Looks like i am.... woops
deletedabout 12 years
Add me on fb or something so you can get ahold of me.
deletedabout 12 years
over 12 years
Hi, how are you. I don't go on this site very often no mo.
over 12 years
Oh my god hiiiiii. I miss you too. :(
deletedalmost 13 years
I smoked two blunts and 14+ (lost count) bowls of carnivalpurple kush yesterday. while I cruised around town. Jelly?
almost 13 years
Tumblr as a form of communication, what will they think of next.