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To celebrate the new year, I'm going to be revising my blog!

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Along with that, here's 5 tips and tricks on how to have the best New Year possible!

1) If any of you are traveling, make sure you're safe! Lot's of drunk people will be out and about, and the last thing you need to start off your 2019 is a car accident.

2) If it's snowing in your area, make sure you watch out for the ice! Remember: if you car starts to skid, you need to steer into the skid to regain control. At least, that's what they taught us in Driver's ed.

3) Don't leave your children unattended! I know the idea of going out may seem tempting, but remember your little ones at home! It shouldn't ever be too hard to find a 12 year old in need of work for the night, and $10 goes a long way.

4) 2019 is only as good as you make it. Your debts from last year won't magically disappear, but neither will your progress. If you firmly believe that 2019 will be your year, you have to be the one to chase that and make it happen. Don't let the power of a new number stop your dreams

5) New Years Resolutions are only a starting point. If you want to stop smoking, but you have a cigarette within the first week, you're still okay. You haven't failed, nor should you give up. Starting or breaking any new habit on a whim is hard, and it takes mental will and effort. Some days you won't be able to do it, and that's perfectly fine as long as you keep yourself focused on the goal.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2019, and remember to be safe.

p.s.... yes, the "See you next year" joke and all others affiliated with it are old, but if it brings you joy, who cares what Helen in the HR department thinks. You do you, and don't let anyone stop you.


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