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I'm Camrum. ☉‿⊙

People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded.


about 10 years
Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
What was Wenger thinking, sending Walcott on that early?
over 11 years
over 11 years
Do these sunglasses make me look like a bastard? B)
I'm just a lonely loner on a lonely road. Alone.
over 11 years
Taked baby meet at later bar night or day sometime.
Spaghetti day.
almost 6 years
I miss Camrum ;_; Give me a way to get in touch, nerd. I miss our late night mafia games lol, would be really great to catch up.
almost 6 years
almost 7 years
happy birthday
almost 8 years
I'm still trying to find the motivation to play again LMAO
almost 8 years
Hey Camfrand, it's ready to go :)
almost 8 years
CumRun!! Join my RPG quest:
almost 8 years
almost 9 years
Camfrand :(
about 9 years
I will aways remember the game where i went wildcard after talking IASIP and overthrew onto mafia.
over 9 years
princess of the realms, i love you
almost 10 years
just realized i've never +k'd u, that is very bad let me fix that
deletedalmost 10 years
imy bby
almost 10 years
how was i not camrum frand this whole time
about 10 years
Same. You take the good with the bad, haha. I really miss playing mafia with you guys, but too many new faces makes me feel uncomfortable lmao.
about 10 years
How's life been? :D
about 10 years
That was my favorite movie as a child, it's still one of my favorites, holy shit so good.
over 10 years
will u be mah frand
over 10 years
gud frand camrum i found a new song i thought you might like
over 10 years
It's the leaning tower of cheezah!