Hello!! I'm Elitesune but some peope just call me nerd for short, I really enjoy playing video games and watching anime on my free time. I am pretty much constantly online though not around from about 7AM - 7PM EST on weekdays (Work and school, BOOO~! ). I'm free all hours of the day on weekends and willing to play if you are so hit me up if you're bored! I mostly play... Depth DayZ L4D2 KF(2) Vermintide Overwatch Resident Evil speedruns on occasion The stuff I play will change from time to time if I get a bit bored or a new title releases. but 99% of the time I fall back to these games.

Add me on osu! =D [osu.ppy.sh] Add me on Origin! =D "Kamikaze_Kittenz" Favorite anime genres: Dark fantasy/Horror/Deconstruction/Cyberpunk/Psychological/Science fiction Favorite game genres: Psychological horror/Si-Fi/Open world RPG/Online Co-op & compentitive/Rhythm I will play anygame from my library with you, just asked. If you're bored and looking for someone to talk too i am your trans, also look into the group " For The Love of Gaming " there are lots of fun people to hang out and talk with there! I dabble in Photoshop and Lightroom (and some After Effects sometimes :3 ) and some say I am pretty good, if you would ever like to have something made for you please don't hesitate to ask! I am also available for computer assistance :) whatever you need just ask, I will probably beable to sort it out for you

-- No racism -- No sexism -- No trolling -- No Spamming ,Please~

My computers specs

Z0-3 MK II the gaming PC (My main rig)

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake @ 4.5ghz

CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken X62

GPU: Nvidia TITAN X (Pascal) +200 core + 500 mem

RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition @ 3200mhz (4x16) (Kits No. 58 & 59 of 500)

MotherBoard: AORUS Z270X Gaming 9

Storage: 2x Samsung 960 PRO 2TB RAID 0 (OS), Samsung 850 PRO 1TB, Samsung 850 EVO 4TB, Samsung 850 EVO 500gb, Samsung 840 EVO 1TB, Seagate Backup Plus 5TB, WD My Passport 2TB

Case: Limited Edition NZXT H440 Hyper Beast (1253 of 1337)

Power Supply: Limited Edition Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ

Monitors - Primary: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q Secondary: ASUS VG248QE Tertiary: Dell SE2416H

Headsets - Gaming: Steelseries Siberia 840 Music: Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart

DAC/AMP - Tube: Woo Audio WA7d Fireflies Duo (Black) Solid State: JDS Labs Element

Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE

Mice - RPG: Logitech G600 FPS: Mionix Castor Productivity: Logitech MX Master

Mouse mat: Razer Firefly

Tablet: Wacom CTL480

My current gaming rig, not the best but I love her The very best of the best in what she does! My pride and joy! For anyone wondering I use Tuniq TX-4 thermal paste for ALL my PC builds

Mila the "how low can you go?" PC (My home server)

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

CPUs: 2x Intel Xeon w3530 @ 2.8ghz

CPU coolers: Stock cpu coolers

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850

RAM: 14GB Kingston ECC DDR3 @ 1600mhz

MotherBoard: No name X58 board

Storage: 250GB 7200rpm HDD, 80GB 7200rpm HDD, 500GB 7200rpm HDD, 160GB 7200rpm HDD, 500GB 5200rpm HDD

Sound Card: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional

Case: Dell precision t7500 case

Power Supply: 500w 80+ silver generic PSU

Monitor: Dell 2405FPW

Keyboard: Sidewinder X4

Mouse: Razer Naga Molten special edition

And it can run things! "Lies!" you may say....nope, all the older games maxed just fine and it runs Fallout freaking 4 at high setting fairly well for the most part, medium doesn't really drop under 50fps from what I have seen! I was really really impressed with this POS I got for free and put some old parts in from some other computers I found, also free. It's better than current gen consoles and didn't cost me one cent......yeah, how does it feel console peasants?

Prue the work PC (My laptop)

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7-m640 @2.8ghz

GPU: Nvidia Quadro NVS 3100m

RAM: 12GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz

Storage: Samsung 850 EVO 500gb

She's an old girl to be sure but still gets the job done with ease.

about 7 years
join me playing smite if u want