i'm the devil and ur in HELL

caucasian gasp


1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
almost 8 years
My summer diet is just Rosé and calamari

Look now you got me started

I'm the black sheep, rest in peace to Chris Farley

I got a lot to lose cause in every situation

I'm the bigger artist, always gotta play it smarter

Y'all shook up, I'm here on the cookup

Cameras pointing every time I look up
almost 8 years
i love when you play hard to get(:
almost 8 years
You should just sleep on it, you shouldn't doubt me

It would be different without me

What is it without me

Don't go do nothing without me
almost 8 years
I can hear your laugh

It's ringing through the hallways

I can see your smile

It's what gets me through my hard days

And your words was suppose to get me through my heartache, before my heartbreak

There's an emptiness that only few ever fill

And I somehow missed the meaning of love that is real

And it compliments my scars that will never heal
about 8 years
about 8 years