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Becareful if you want to disguise as me. I neg people that disguise as me (Iunno why. Jealousy thing. Keep getting disguised and everyone fails)

If you want to -k me, please tell me your reason. I hate silent -k's.

Favourite Town-Sided Role: Agent (Get to anonymously spam people and get who's not town :D )

Favourite Mafia-Sided Role: Spy (Get to anonymously spam people and get the individual PR's)

Favourite 3rd Party Role: Fool (Joy of wanting to be lynched instead of not being lynched haha :D)

Guise Testing: Multilingual (Pretty much perfect in 2) [Rated from best to worst except English and Chinese are pretty much equal same with Japanese and Latin] English: Hello Chinese:(Can't do characters error comes up) Japanese: (Can't do characters error comes up) Latin: Puella Salutas

Few rules: 1/ When I'm serious (You'll know) actually listen to me, because I am 99% right. (1% so you can't blame me that I'm wrong and we're all Human)

2/ Have plenty of fun

3/ When I rant, it's mostly a joke to have a different atmosphere

5/ No rule 4, 4's not a good number :D

Try not break my rules, especially rule 5; it's the foundation of my rules (Haha)


5 / 10Scumhunter
2 / 20Super Sleuth!
1 / 25Explosion!
deletedabout 13 years
I loved playing with you :3
about 13 years
deletedabout 13 years
K+ plz return
over 13 years
thank you, returned the +k
has been good playing with you =]
over 13 years
Family now has an avatar. :D
over 13 years
I'd prefer if you made it. I'm too lazy to make one. Try include some gallis in it. :)
over 13 years
Yeah, I wouldn't mind a new family. My one's dead.
deletedover 13 years
over 13 years
+k 4 u - plz return!
over 13 years
+K Return please! :D
over 13 years
dunno :D friend ank +k
over 13 years
+k please return
over 13 years
+k plz return
over 13 years
i'm returning it anyway since you were originally +ked by me and I obviously thought you were a good player
over 13 years
yes...i am chinese. and i believe i used those words earlier when i negated rule 5 by making rule 4 exist. propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person, so i dont believe propaganda occured let alone was changed by me. yes, yes you were butthurt. no your threatless rant was not humorous as i've worked hard to be a good player for my karma and 7 negs (as it appeared to be) was overkill. I didn't look for flaws in your argument, I just returned the favor and felt it was unneccessary. My math is fine, i'm chinese it's a prerequiste. and humanitarian means a person promoting human welfare and social reform. I only brought your bio into it after you said that i didnt read your rules. However, I admit i have been getting rather rude so i'm sorry for that.
over 13 years
and i still dont know what you made it into 5 means...i assume that means you made 5 rules so your math can be just as bad as my supposed american math?
over 13 years
ps. there is no plural form of math and yes i'm now being purposefully snarky
over 13 years
well unfortunately, it just so happened that the other 3negs coincided with your 4 so i guess you really must pinpoint all the blame on the other person oh and #1 i can count #2 youre the one purposefully being rude and i really have tried to be polite #3 you didnt say everyone is arrogant .. i called you arrogant but whatever #4 im chinese in case you missed the fact that i noted the irony in my response to your rule 4 which means die and you died >_>;;
over 13 years
meh its 2 am be nice i meant i afforded you the benefit of the doubt on the negs until you started -7k because i beat you and your comments.
over 13 years
2/ i had fun, i'm sorry you didn't 3/ you werent joking in your rant 4/ well now it exists since you did die 5/ has been negated. And I really don't want to fight, but if you start something unnecessary because you were a sore loser and you were killed in a game of epicmafia by the mafia for being protown i'll respond honestly. Oh, and no respect for the fact i didnt give you any silent -ks.